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Somrita Chatterjee



Somrita Chatterjee


Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

3 mins

Before the rain starts, Meena wanted to take out the umbrella and prepare herself for the thunderstorm that unfolds for the entire week. With deep down feelings in their heart and a heavy head, she walked towards the coffee shop right down the street from her home. She was to meet Jay Prakash, an eternal friend who was very close to her. They worked as co-workers in an NGO firm for some years and thus came a parting time for them as Jay Prakash was moving to Singapore for further studies. 

The last few days were very tough or in other words devastating for Meena as the news was not much digestible anyways for any relationship. She never thought that Jay Prakash was someone who could move from the concept of leaving the country and provide his responsibilities towards a different country- maybe this thought made her sadder than moving out from her and her feelings.

She walked towards the café with a heavy heart. 

She saw him sitting inside the café, she marched inside.

“Have a seat “- Jay Prakash spoke.

“Could we order some burger and fries, I know you like it”- he added.

“Yes please, even I am hungry.”- Meena added.

So everything is packed and sorted, are we meeting today on an endnote?

“Why are you speaking like that? I never said I would end this relationship, it is that I have made a choice of further studies and a job there so can we can secure both of us together. What is so wrong with this? Isn’t someone allowed to do that? “- Jay Prakash spoke.

“How can you leave this country and go, how can you just leave the work that we have been doing together for lakhs of poor Indians and helping them build their households. All these years that we invested, I never saw that you were not liking it or you didn’t find it fruitful to work for the underprivileged or crippled or the underpaid women and men out there trying to make a living.”- Meena spoke.

“Never have I seen any pretense of yours committing to such humanitarian works and never have I understood for an inch that you would want to move to such path in your life and if I never have felt that what your wanting was all these years, what is the meaning of the relationship? Or do you have other priorities which cannot be described?” – Meena added.

Jay Prakash was startled. He didn’t understand what to say. He stopped sipping his coffee.

“I didn’t understand, you feel like this – I just didn’t tell you for the reason you may be feeling bad for reason that I would be leaving “- Jay Prakash replied.

“I never said I won’t miss you, my heart aches it in a way I have no words to explain on that. But the entire decision of yours is something which looks unacceptable and for such a long time it gives a heavy heart as if you just performed these tasks because you wanted to leverage to this decision of yours today”. – Meena spoke with mild tears.

After some time they left, not much closure on the relationship neither on the matter.

Meena went home.

That night she went to the alcohol shop- she grabbed three bottles of Red blood wine.

She spoke to herself “Never have I ever drunk three bottles of wine in one night – the never should end and I need to wine on a wine-o-clock”. 

She texted her friend for the reason if a medical emergency comes and switched off the phones.

Wine anyways is no harm!

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