Somrita Chatterjee

Drama Romance


Somrita Chatterjee

Drama Romance

A Stroke Of Serendipity

A Stroke Of Serendipity

3 mins

The phenomenon of serendipity is one of the most magical events that can happen to someone’s life. It’s a fortunate stroke of luck or happy events that happens to your life without you even looking or searching for it.

At a railway station near to the countryside of Holland, Charlie boarded the train to his grandmother’s home around 8 pm in the night. It was Christmas Eve. Charlie owned a bakery shop in the city. Every weekend he used to travel to his grandmother’s home and spend two days in the lush greeneries of Holland. He loved visiting her. Her grandmother’s home garden flushed with raspberries and cranberries and strawberries. Who wouldn’t love to go to such a place!

On Christmas Eve, fortunately on a weekend that he was traveling, he boarded his usual train. He noticed a woman, a woman draped in brown and crimson red clothes. He never saw her on the train. She wore a long skirt, brown boots, and a crimson red scarf. She was a Brunette. She had very long fingers. The fingers touched the pages of each page in the book, which she was reading in a very calm way. Charlie smiled seeing that. He thought of greeting her.

“Madam, May I know where you are traveling! I travel on this train every weekend and I have never seen you. Are you new to Holland or you visiting someone?”- Charlie spoke.

“Hey! I am visiting my grandmother and grandfather for Christmas and New Year, so in Holland countryside for a couple of weeks. Do you stay there as well?”

Charlie hesitated for a couple of minutes to ask her address. He liked her instantly.

But then he paused, cleared his throat and then asked “Do you mind if I get the address? I will try to visit you and your home at Christmas or New Year.” – The woman replied.

Adding to that, she replied “I am not going to ask your number as well nor ask with who are you visiting and what do you do for an earning. Holland is a small place. Let me check my luck of meeting you again in the grass fields, New Year event, Christmas event or any sort of meet in the market or any place. Let me just check if it’s written for me. Let’s check the serendipity.”

Charles gave a small smile and nodded. They didn’t talk for the remaining time on the train. The station arrived after a span of ten minutes. Charlie gave a small feather to the woman that he used to keep in his novel as a bookmark. They exchanged goodbyes.

Did they meet again?

 What happens next is a part of another story!

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