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Our Weird Super Mom

Our Weird Super Mom

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Our Mom is a weirdo!

And me and my little brother…. are the living victims of her daily weirdness.

I am Vishakha. And my Mom says I am nine years.

But I doubt her. I think I am a little older than nine. My best friend Palak always tells me – “Vishi! You are older than your age!”

But my Mom insists.

And she doesn’t even call me by my real name. All the time she keeps calling me Vishu! Vishu! Vishu!

And I keep arguing with her, “Mom! Why did you ever name me Vishakha, if you don’t ever use that name? Better name me Vishu and be done with it.”

But, she doesn’t take me seriously ever.

Every time I argue with her, all she does is start laughing and kissing me… as if I have cracked some kind of funny joke.

But we can’t do anything about it. Can we?

Me and my little brother, ‘Vikas’ aka ‘Viku! Viku! Viku!’ (for our Mom) who is six years, according to our Mom, just have to live with it.

And we try to wave off everything just by accepting this as a fact that- “Our Mom is just the way she is… and she is the best we have got.”

We haven’t got a father.

Once I asked my Mom- “Mom, What is a father? And do we have a father too?”

Mom flashed a big charming smile and said- “Darling, a father is a person who brings chocolates and gifts for kids, takes them out, and sometimes play with them. A father is mostly a male, but it can also be a female.” Her smile now turning into laughter, she further said, “You both are lucky as I am your mother, and your father too. Just imagine how difficult life would be for you if you have to deal with two different people everyday…” and then she hugged me tightly.

And I think she was right. We can’t deal with another parent. Our Mom hugs and kisses us so much that we can’t bear any more hugs and kisses.

One day my little brother Viku conveyed his suspicion to me. He said, “Sis, I think Our Mom is a witch.”

As I watched him curiously, he continued- “Sis, I think our Mom can fly… and also she can appear and disappear anywhere in a jiffy…”

I had the same suspicions for quite some time for our Mom. And now it was two of us. So we decided to find out the truth for ourselves…

And as we started paying attention to our Mom, and to everything she does in her days… we found out a lot about her strange behavior.

First thing we found out is that- Our Mom never goes to sleep.

 She is awake when we go to sleep at night. She is awake when we wake up in the morning. And sometimes when we wake up in the middle of night, she is still awake…

Second thing we found is that- She can actually appear and disappear anywhere in a jiffy… Every day in the morning when she gets us ready for our schools… at the same time she also prepares our lunchboxes… And on top of that, she herself gets ready for her office- Everything done at the same time… That made it clear to us- Indeed, our Mom is a witch.

Thirdly, Our Mom laughs all the time. She is always smiling whenever we see her… It’s really weird for a human being. Isn’t it? And sometimes it makes us wonder about her all-time-ever-fresh-happy-face.

One day, I woke up in the middle of night, and saw my Mom sitting on her desk… But, she wasn’t smiling that time… I saw tear drops falling down her eyes, all the way down her cheeks, and dropping silently on the desk.

She didn’t notice me. But, as I went towards her and asked what happened? Her face quickly turned into a big smile. And wiping her tears she replied, “Nothing darling! I was just practicing how to cry, as you keep complaining that I laugh too much…” Saying that she broke into another magical laughter and hugged me tightly… And I thought, “Well…”

Our Mom also plays a lot of ‘Video Games’… Every evening she comes to our room, snatches our ‘video game’, tells us to finish our homework, and then start playing herself, and she keep on playing until we finish our homework… That’s the only way for us to get back our ‘Video game’… She really knows how to play with us… and with our Video games.

Once, it was time of our exams… and Viku got a little fever.

It was the time when I actually found out that our Mom doesn’t just walk… she literally flies.

That was the time when I saw her literally flying from one place to other in no time. At one time she was in room with Viku... The very next instant she was in the kitchen making something for him… Right after that, she was flying to doctor only to come back with him in no time… And right in the middle of all this, she was also teaching me and Viku for our exam next day.

Our Mom was up all night that day. And the next morning after getting us ready for exam, she took us off with her and dropped at school. And when I and Viku came out after finishing our exam… she was standing there in the corridor, waiting for us with her ever-fresh charming smile on her face…

And that’s when we finally figured out everything about our Mom…

Our Mom isn’t just weird. In fact, she is our weird Super Mom with magical powers. She can appear and disappear in thin air… She doesn’t just walk. She can fly…

That’s how we found out that me and my little brother ‘Viku’ are living inside a magical airplane which is flown by our ‘Weird Magical Super Mom’. And that what a great pilot she was!

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