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The Showdown - I

The Showdown - I

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Thank you, Charan Singh for encouraging me to continue my narrative, Ghustkhana Party. Your encouraging words is the reason why I want to write about Anant and his exploits. Read my first story, Ghustkhana Party to know what led to this showdown.

Jyestha Ashram was a jam factory. It was filled with sweet aroma and everyone was concentrating on their work. The work ranges from making the jam to filling it on a large glass jar with name: Ma's Special. The oldies in Jyestha Ashram are smart cookies not those chastising oldies. They used social medias to generate awareness about their prized baby, Ma's Special.

Pyarelal like his name used tinder account to promote Ma's Special. He has too much love!

Let's not forget about the showdown between Vasooli gang and Sonu. Battle between good and evil.

Sonu is a royal turd whose only occupation is to enjoy his ancestor's hard-earned opulence. He is a modern-day nawab. His birthday, 25 December coincides with Jesus Christ's birthday. He is organising Christmas/birthday bash where high profile people will grace their presence. He is hosting his birthday bash in his bachelor pad.

Don't get your hopes high! They are not some Bollywood celebrities. He is 6 feet and devotes his entire time in gym to get some abs and chicks around his toned arms. His dull skin is result of frequent smoking endeavours. It is such a handwork!

"Mahrani Alia, How much time will you take? You are not dressing up for Ranbir Kapoor!" shouted the impatient Asma.

"Didi, I am dressing up for myself. I was just about to say those three magical words; I love myself. Please say it with me." Chirped Alia.

"Repeat after me, I love myself. Do it with me." Coaxes Alia to the disinterested Asma.

" Alia baby, I know I love myself. Let's hurry." Replies Asma irritably.

Alia just pats her back. I just realised that I haven't described their clothes. Don't imagine them to be naked, please. Especially Men.

Alia looks like a mini-version of Alia Bhatt. She is Katrina Kaif on stage. She will set the stage on fire with her graceful body.

Everyone has arrived in his bachelor pad. Everyone is engaging in insightful conversations about liposuction and who hooked up with whom in a shady club. An intellectual crowd.

The chatter was shattered like page 3 dreams when Alia step on the stage. She danced to some auto-tune version of Badshah's songs tirelessly. Her dance was smooth like butter. Her simple steps made the crowd awestruck and some ladies were became watchful of their dehydrated men.

Alia sprinted for the bathroom. She had to act desperate to visit washroom. She is paying a price for her method acting. She reaches the toilet. She pees. Su..... She takes out the preganews device and uses dropper to drop her pregnant sister's urine sample into the preganews. The two pink lines changes life. She curled her hands into a fist and said "yes!" victoriously.

Alia adds glycerine to her lovely eyes. She come out of the bathroom. She cries her hearts out.

"Sonu! I am pregnant with your child. You will be a father!" Exclaimed Alia. She was crying out of joy. Sonu became pale. He experienced a mind-bending news.

"No, I think you are mistaken, Ma'am. I don't know you." replied Sonu calmly.

She cried. She felt like Draupadi who was dejected by her 5 husbands. Her eyes lit up with an impassioned glare.

"You Bastard! You have insulted a pregnant woman in front of this high society crowd! Ladies! Where is your high society feminism? Women are the worst enemies of each other. We women should have each other's back but we instead stab at each other's back? Wow! Feminism! Wow!" shouted Alia.

The crowd broke into incoherent conversation. Sonu lied low. Alia blankly stared at the crowd.

Suddenly, two transgenders in pink saris entered. They clapped their hands joyfully. The crowd went into a trance.

"Excuse me, who is the owner of this house? We want to bless the baby." asked Champa in English. Everyone pointed their manicured fingers on Sonu. Asma shakes the shell-shocked Sonu. Sonu becomes furious.

"You hermaphrodites! Leave me alone. There is no child. Who let you enter my house? Security! Security! Take these women out of my house." shouted Sonu at the top of his lungs.

"Ae chickne, Don't use your mehenga words on us." retorted Champa.

Alia was brimming with anger. She can't tolerate anyone disrespecting her friends. Her feminist passion was stirring.

"You dirty dog, they are my sisters. How dare you ! You piece of shit. Sisters, I am the one with a baby. Bless my baby." Retorted Alia.

Both of these two transgenders touch Alia's belly and make horn-like shape with their hands and bend it to bless the baby. They quietly left the house. They thanked their stars for Alia not revealing their ruse.

Everyone slowly and steadily left Sonu's bachelor pad. Sonu clasped his head. Mission accomplished.

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