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Horror Tragedy Crime



Horror Tragedy Crime

The Ghost of the Water Tank

The Ghost of the Water Tank

3 mins 325 3 mins 325

Meghna and Suresh lived on the top floor of The Aparna Apartments in Mumbai. They had a son who was in school.

Everyday Meghna went to the terrace to put her wet clothes there for drying. On that ill-fated day also she went up in the terrace in the morning after her kid and husband had gone to their respective places.

That day two thieves had entered the terrace of their building with the intention of stealing. When they saw Meghna they caught her and were trying to tie her with a rope, when her head hit a hard object on the ground as she tried to free herself.

The thieves became scared when they saw that Meghna died on the spot. They put her on the building's water tank and ran away.

When Suresh and his son returned in the afternoon, they didnot find Meghna at home. They waited for an hour but when then also Meghna didnot return,Suresh called her friends and enquired in the apartment.

Then finally he lodged a missing complaint with the police.

Next day Mr. Mathur who stayed just below their apartment, went for a bath and opened his tap, he heard the cry of a woman for help. Then a red colored hand came out from the tap and caught hold of him!

He managed to escape from the clutches and ran out of the bathroom. And told everything to his wife. His wife, Mrs. Mathur first didnot believe and went inside the bathroom to check.

The same things happened to her also. Then both of them ran out of their apartment and when they reached their lobby, they saw many others standing there too and discussing about this matter.

Finally all of them went to the terrace to check the water tank. To their horror, they saw Meghna sitting inside the water tank and crying for help. She had died and had become a ghost.

Suresh was also present there. Meghna came near Suresh and told her about all that had taken place. Suresh was heartbroken and dejected. Nevertheless he requested Meghna not to disturb the residents of the building and that he would do her last rites with proper puja and arrangements sothat she would attain moksha.

Meghna then left the place. The residents of the building called the police. The police came and recorded all the statements and saw the cctv footage. The culprits were arrested and sent to the jail.

Meghna's last rites were performed and everyone prayed for her moksha. She appeared before Suresh and their son after her last rites and said that she is always with them and that she would come from heavens to meet them daily.

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