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saravanan Periannan

Action Thriller Drama


saravanan Periannan

Action Thriller Drama

The Game Of Three Chapter 3

The Game Of Three Chapter 3

4 mins

Read the game of three from  chapter 1 to chapter 2 before reading chapter 3.

Vishalan gets continuous treatment under the supervision of the chief physicians.

Narashima saw his father's condition and weeped.commander in chief Adithyan said prince we have to prepare the army and stop durya from destroying our kingdom

Narashima took his urumi and started his practice that evening and Adithyan came to meet him and waited there. Adithyan reported that our defense keeps itself prepared with required weapons.so they need three days to get their army ready and they will meet the enemy at the battleground near Shiva temple.

Durya and his army took rest and Nardev was thinking about the further attack on simapuri after garudapuri.

So Nardev told durya that they should make the enemy struggle and lose their hope and devised a strategy that to make their journey faster and attack them before they get themselves prepared.

Durya insisted the army to take rest but in short time to travel faster to garudapuri.

Arjunan heard the news of Durya attack on garudapuri and imagined the result of war.

Adithyan made the preparation a bit slow to ensure the perfection but the spies informed that the army of Durya will reach them in a day.

Narashima humiliated Adithyan for not making the preparations faster and Adithyan replied " it's best to make the things we do with greatest interest and perfection and not in a hurry".

Adithyan stayed true to the words and got the army ready in by the third day.

But the army of Durya started it's attack on the fort fourth day morning and Adithyan ordered his archers to spread them over the buildings near the opening of fort and attack the enemy.

Adithyan and narashima led their army and opened the fort door.

The two armies met and the fight turns brutal. The soldiers of Durya determined to win doesn't worry about the wound and fought bravely.

Both the sides tried hard but victory kept oscillating between themselves.

The battle reached the end when durya and narashima fought a duel.

The urumi of narashima and sword of Durya met each other.Both fought hard and durya got major wound in his stomach and fell in the ground.

Meanwhile Adithyan and Nardev fought each other and Adithyan kills Nardev with his spear.

The army of Durya retreats back with blood flowing out of durya's body and he closes his eyes in pain along with shame.

Arjunan hears of this news and rejoices for the Victory of garudapuri.

He happily drinks that night somabanam and speak happily with his commanders and thinks proud of his future son in law.

When he enters his room,he sees a person sitting with sword in his hand.

When arjunan asks who is that and jumps over him and suppresses his breath but he overpowers arjunan and escapes the room.

The next morning arjunan held a meeting on the attempt to murder him and many of them were questioned on that.

Arjunan felt nobody can enter his palace except his soldiers so he thought that one of them must have entered or one with the help of them should have entered and thinks of the culprit.

Durya was mourning over the loss of Nardev,the mentor of him and the advisor of his father. His guru enters the place where durya took treatment and gives him herbs of gajapuri that cures injuries.

Durya asks his guru to help him get a trusted friend who can take over the position of Nardev. His guru says he has a student who can help you but you must know his life history.

I was walking along the village of kurunjiampathi,a boy was collecting the weapons of old warriors and took it to the old retired iron Smith of simapuri and he makes an strong sword.

The boys of his age started mocking him for his skinny body and how he could lift an mighty sword.

But the boy does not take the wrong criticism and trained hard to make his body strong along with his mind.

Then he turned the best swordsman of this era and the legend you might have heard of his name is saravanan ,one of the name of lord murugan.

He is currently invited by arjunan to take his alliance and the help of army of warriors under him.

Durya ask is Saravanan the king?,the guru replies he rules the place kurunjiampathi and he is the descendant of your father's friend guhan and they worship lord murugan.

But Durya was still thinking about the invitation to Saravanan by arjunan.

His guru also says the oxidation and corrosion resistant steel is made by the people of kurunjiampathi and they make this for their security and doesn't give it to anyone else but if they join arjunan and supply these swords defeat is sure for durya.

Meanwhile durya received the news of saravanan coming to gajapuri with his army.

Durya thinks to get ready his remaining army.

Meanwhile a sculptor was sculpting an statue of warrior reciting his father's words "son some skills can be learned only by teaching but some skills can learned only by yourself without any teaching".

The sculptor cries and says Nardev father I will make you proud by making your wishes fulfilled and your revenge is done.

To be continued as 

The game of three chapter 4 

Cover design by kabilan S

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