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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW






The Game Of Divorce

The Game Of Divorce

3 mins

“Do you know the difference between Whiskey and Whisky without the vowel ‘e’, Mr. Wright?”

“Is there?” asked Wright.

“Of course, my dear. Whisky without ‘e’ are the only Scottish drinks. You know, Scotts believe that saying the extra vowel ‘e’ waste good whisky time” replied Trevor.

Wright just raised his glass in admiration. He always found himself evolving more in the art of drinking whenever he drank with Mr. Trevor.

“You see Wright, whatever trash they babble about the alcohol but the truth be told, it is more similar to life than any other substance. For instance it does not remain same with time, tastes bitter at first, others crave for it but it knows itself that it is just a decomposing material. Believe me my dear, alcohol is the most apt simile for life. I guess that is why no good poet was ever a teetotaler.”

Trevor is a sixty two years man of varied knowledge ranging from whisky to people. This comes from his brief stints in different realms of life. He began as a government engineer, left his job and started his own construction firm. He tried other businesses and fought local elections hoping to make it to the congress.

Trevor hired Wright as manager in his firm 7 years ago and due to his acumen he is now the exclusive drinking partner of Trevor.

“Sir, What is that legal kind of document fitted on the top of a designer cabinet placed in your corridor before bedroom?” asked Wright with a little fear in his mind of crossing the line for questioning. But then he realized that whisky will take the blame.

That my dear is the ‘Game of Divorce’ Trevor smiled and replied.

Trevor looked at Wright’s face expressions and did not wait for the question to pop up and started explaining after gulping the last sip of his peg and gesturing Wright to make a new one.

“Basically its not something very important, just two signatures trying to prove to be mightier than my marriage for the past 35 years. When me and wifey were freshly wedded, there used to be lot of quarrels over lot of issues. Every fight used to culminate with the wish of divorce by one of us.

Then one day while we were in jocular mood we asked our attorney to provide us with legal documents for divorce that we just have to sign and submit in court so that we can separate our ways legally. We ordered a designer 3 layer cabinet with glass covering on the top where the divorce document be placed. The game was started with a simple rule that whenever our fight will culminate into a wish for divorce then the person wishing for divorce would go and sign the paper. Then the other person had to sign it too.

“After signing the document, the condition was to spend our last night together, happily doing stuff which we both liked but laying awake for the whole night without saying those things which would hurt the other person, then the next morning person wishing for divorce would submit the paper in the court and the game would be over.” Trevor took a small sip after saying his yet another classic life handling solution.

“But Sir the document doesn’t look 35 years old.” inquired Wright.

“Nor is the cabinet my dear. There was also a second rule of the game. If the person wishing for divorce didn’t submit the paper in the court next morning then that person had to lock that paper in the cabinet.” smiled Trevor to himself.

“Our three layered cabinet got full recently, so wifey just got the new cabinet and of course another fresh document. Our combined signature also could never defeat our marriage. Just like a true scotch, the effect of the marriage was never felt in the moment but always gave the sweet hangover.

Wright just raised his glass in admiration and asked the contact of cabinet maker and attorney.

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