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The Elegance

The Elegance

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He waited. Impatiently patient. Today was the day, both of them anticipated for the past 9 years. It was their dream day. Their budding high school romance was going to be a full bloomed flower today. Their first meet was not something remarkable, she was just his senior. Destiny and time brought them together. They were the fallen stars of the night sky who fell for each other. From casual talking to diving into each other's deepest secrets, they have come a long long way.

His wait finally ended as they brought her inside the wedding hall. Cries of joy, laughter, happiness all around as the young bride arrived. Bright colours, lights covering every corner. But... wait.

On a white hospital stretcher she laid covered in red. From her red benarasi to her bleeding wounds. She put life to the drab hospital stretcher, but where is hers?

In the background somewhere,

"Chandni jab tak raat, deta hai har koi uska sath,

Tum agar andhero mai na chorna mera haat", played. Fate.

Everyone in the wedding hall stood shocked as the young bride arrived on her death bed after having met with an accident.

Everyone tried to hold him as he took slow and unsteady steps towards his bride. The love of his life.

He did not do much. No emotions. No crying. Just a look. Just a look at her now lifeless body. The makeup that once adorned her face now smudged. He then walked back to the mandap and picked up the box containing vermillion. Not much words were said. Words were not required anymore. He took some vermillion and put it on her head and whispered in her ears,

"Just like we promised,

Just like we wanted,

Just like we dreamt,

We are married."

He gave her the brightest smile and lightly their lips touched.

"Take her. We will have our happily ever after somewhere someday",

and he left finding their somewhere.

Dreams, keep us going. Hope, keeps us alive. Believe, helps us fulfill it.

Keep dreaming. Keep hoping. Keep believing. Dreams to die for. Cause some dreams are worth it.

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