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The Creepy Night

The Creepy Night

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It was about 11 p.m., the sky was dark and I was writing even a darker story than the scary darkness outside. My story revolved around the evil and negative forces, many a time fear passed down my spine, as I frequently got lost in my story.

Sometimes I failed to recognize if the protagonist of the story is really me or just a fictional character. It is the biggest problem of a writer, he is confused in the world of imagination and reality. More often the fantasy world of a writer is more real than the reality itself.

At once something went wrong, the light of my table lamp started flickering as if it was trying to create terror in me. I understood immediately there is sparking somewhere. Suddenly my coffee cup fell off the table, the shattering voice prompted my heart to throb fast.

I could easily sense my heart thumping against my chest. Two continuous incidents made me suspicious but I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw a little mouse lurking in my room. I told myself how stupid I am. I was amazed at the performance of my mind to run beyond awkwardness within the split of a second.

The series of strange incidents were not going to end soon. The eerie smell filled my room, I had never thought in my life that even a smell could be so creepy. At the slow pace, the harrowing atmosphere draped me. I could feel the presence of something evil and mysterious in my house.

I had seen in many horror movies, at this juncture, the hero tried to be a hero but unknowingly plunged into the well of difficulties to never come back again. I didn’t want to do the same stupidity. I decided to get out of this whole predicament, why not leave this haunted room right now before anything bad happens to me.

I immediately opened the door and ran at a good speed to my terrace. I thought why not stay on the terrace this night, let the strange powers do what they want to do in my room, why should I disturb them, tomorrow I will take a new house on rent and get away from this mysterious stuff forever.

I heard a slow hissing sound behind me. What was that? Was that a snake? I turned and saw, it was really a big snake! A sudden gasp! My eyes wide opened, I took a few backsteps slowly. The snake also started following me at the same pace. Don’t know from where, but a piece of strange queer music I began to hear as if to spice up my horrible experience.

I was dodging the snake temporarily to save my life, simultaneously thinking the next step I could do. While jumping this to that side, my eyes fell on the moon and it added to my shock. The moon was of red colour. I could not believe my eyes.

I understood, the wrong is not only in my house but it is also out of my house which means I am not safe anywhere. Maybe I need to run out of my house. I immediately caught hold of my drainage pipe (that goes from my terrace to down the lane) and slid down the lane.

As I just turned to run fast as I could, I got the biggest shock, my breath stopped for a moment, my full body went paralyzed. An eight feet high and four feet wide extremely horrible figure was standing still before me. Its stark old black clothes showed as if it is the son of the ancient witches.

The creepy figure slowly began to come close to me. I was utterly helpless as I was facing the real nightmare. I closed my eyes. Now I was ready to face my death. I could sense my heart doing my best job to supply as much blood as possible. I could see my adrenaline functioning best for me but humans have limits. I submitted myself completely to my fate and anything happened to me without my hindrance.

My eyes opened without my will. Everything was okay. No strange phenomenon, no red moon, no creepy figure and not even deadly snake. I found myself in the same lane and it was dawn. Now there was not an iota of fear within me or in my surroundings.

I got up and went to my house. Everything was okay there too. I switched on my television and set it to a news channel. News anchor reported, “According to our resources, many cases have been reported of the strange, creepy and paranormal activities in various parts of the city.”

“Researchers and investigations are going on but up to now no create evidence has been found. Many such incidences have been reported over and over again for over fifty years, but it could lead to no results.”

“Last night whatever happened, was it real or just an illusion? Nobody can answer this question. But people have already titled last night as The Creepy Night!”

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