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The Clouds Have The Answer

The Clouds Have The Answer

5 mins

The story talks about a retired Meteorology professor, Mr. Parth Wadia. He used to teach meteorology in a premier government college in Bhopal. After retirement, he had ample time for himself. He started reading discourses and works of great spiritual leaders. This stirred him to a great extent. This was his entry into spirituality. He traveled to the mountains. He visited many Himalayan masters and Tibetan monks. Over the years, he learned the intricacies and the meaning of this life and existence.

After spending seven years in the Himalayas, he came back to his native place. The reason was his wife’s death, and his daughter’s crippling condition, because of a road accident. He was a pensioner, so money was not an issue. He gave free advice to the people by observing the clouds. He believed nature had the answer to every question of ours. Nature has the solution to every problem we face. A single session was him was enough to solve all bothersome problems lingering for years. It amazed people to a great extent. Simple teachings had the deepest impact. People bowed to him in gratitude, glorifying him as godlike and beyond human. At that moment, his humility echoed one phrase “Be aware every moment.” This was a deep statement. Rarely people understood the meaning of it. Though their problems resolved, that level of understanding and awareness didn’t happen.

One day, one of his students, Sanjay, tried to commit suicide in the lake near his home. He chanced to see him, as he used to go for early morning walks and do sadhana in brahmamuhuratam. It was twilight time. He grabbed the youngster from the back of his loose shirt, and gave a jolt to him, reprimanding him for the act. Sanjay burst into tears and was inconsolable. The professor took him to the place where he used to perform sadhana. The sun was rising in its full glory, with a clear sky above. It was the hot summer month of May. The professor asked him to sit down and witness the sunrise with deep breaths. Sanjay calmed down a bit. He then narrated his story and the reason for deciding to commit suicide. The professor listened to him but was observing the sky throughout.

Sanjay completed his narration and was feeling relieved. The professor sat still in silence. It was a deep pause. Sanjay wondered whether he did the right thing telling the professor about himself.

Sanjay could not nudge the professor, as he was already ashamed of himself. He waited in patience. After almost 10 minutes, the professor responded.

He said, “Sanjay, look at the sky, what color it is? “

He said, “Sanjay, look at the sky, what color it is? “

Sanjay sat dumbfounded, thinking about the professor’s weird question at this moment.

Still, he replied, “It’s blue, sir.”

The professor asked, “are you sure Sanjay? “

Sanjay paused for a moment, looked above, and then replied yes sir, it’s blue.

The professor asked, “Do you see any clouds? “

Sanjay looked above and replied, yes Sir.

Wafts of thick, cumulus white clouds. Typical of a summer sky.

The professor replied, correct my dear child.

Tell me about the wind and the humidity.

The wind is blowing from the south-west, sir.

Humidity is the least of all seasons.

Right, said the professor.

Sanjay was getting a little restless.

He questioned the professor; “I shared my story and the reason for taking a decision to commit suicide. Why are you asking me questions related to geography and meteorology? “

The professor smiled and stayed silent for a while.

He asked Sanjay to choose between the sun, the clouds, the wind, and the humidity.

Now, Sanjay nonplussed than ever before became more agitated.

In a rude tone, he replied, I don’t know; I am going back to my hostel room.

Thank you for not helping me.

The professor, with a tone of equanimity, told Sanjay to choose the sky.

Sanjay, though unwilling to do so, nodded with a yes, in a very mellow voice.

The professor told Sanjay to imagine himself as this sky. He further said that the problem was the clouds. These clouds always depend on the sun, the wind, the humidity. Never vice versa.

Sanjay’s face brightened up a bit, for the first time in the entire conversation.

Now, decide who is bigger, you or the problem?

Who should get affected, you or the problem?

Sanjay was getting back to normalcy, now feeling intrigued by the professor’s remarks.

The professor asked him to look at his problems as the state of the clouds today, at this moment.

He gave him a few minutes to think and reply.

Sanjay still couldn’t figure it out.

The professor finally told him with joyful eyes. “Dear Sanjay, these are common cumulus mediocris clouds. They are the same in width and height. They look like thick cottony balls. They are non-rain-bearing dry clouds. “

So is your problem, dear.

You didn’t study for the final examinations, so you cheated in the examination and got caught in one paper. You got a semester back. All your friends passed the final examination, and only you couldn’t. You need to attend the classes with your juniors. So all these combined look like this cumulus mediocris clouds above. They are low but don’t feel like a burden. They give sunlight and show themselves to the world, unobstructed. So do you have the chance to show yourself six months’ time to rectify the mistake? Actually, not the mistake, the attitude that leads you to this mistake. Follow this for a few days and observe the change in your attitude.

Sanjay started doing the same, and time passed. He fetched the highest marks in the examination. The faculty, principal, and the dean, amazed by Sanjay’s performance, acknowledged his efforts. Sanjay received a trophy for being an outstanding student. He gave the credit for his success to professor Sahni.

The college appointed professor Sahni as a student mentor. They offered him a handsome salary too. But the professor didn’t want to bind himself to an institution. He was a free soul now. He gave a very impactful speech to the students of the college. He also provided them with his contact and address. He concluded in his speech that if the students need any help, he will do so, free of cost. Soon, students started pouring in.

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