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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

The Clever Bastard

The Clever Bastard

9 mins 127 9 mins 127

I (Sheenu), the only daughter of professor Malik was sitting in a van with a glee on her face heading to the famous college, Aryavarta in Chandigarh. I was very happy as it was my first day at college. 

Scenes were flashing before my mind when my dad said to me, “Dear, now you are going to a different world alone. You have to take care of yourself. One thing you should always keep in mind. Don’t do anything which later on make you remorse. Before taking any type of step you must think a thousand times.”

The next scene before my mind was of my mother when she said, “Dear Sheenu, first of all, you must look for a good company for yourself. Always talk to good boys and good girls in your school. Your one wrong step may invite a big disgrace to our family. You know what I am warning you of,”

The third scene flashed before my mind when I assured my mom and dad, “Mom and my dear dad, please stop worrying. Now I am not a kid. I am a grown-up girl now. I understand very well what is right and what is wrong for me. Most importantly, I love you very much. I am not going to do anything which may bring disgrace for our family especially to both of you.”

My thoughts interrupted when a driver applied brakes and my whole body moved a bit ahead. The driver said loudly, “Come out girls! We have reached the college.” I stepped out of the van and the first time my feet touched the mud of college. I took just a few steps ahead. My eyes were trying to capture more and more the scenes of the surroundings, meanwhile, I didn’t see a big stone just lying ahead and I stumbled and all of my notebooks fell down.

“Oh, no. The very opening didn’t go well...” I said to myself. I began to pick my notebooks but soon I saw two male hands helping in picking my notebooks. I looked up to find a handsome dude of the college. 

“Thanks..” I said in a nervy tone.

“Welcome.” replied the handsome boy. “Are you a fresher?”

“How do you know?” asked I.

“From your nervousness, I found out. Well, my name is Rajeev and yours?”

“I didn’t ask your name and it is none of your business to ask my name,” I said in a bit annoyed tone.

“Well, I just asked your name. If you don’t feel like telling, then it is alright. Hmm.. if you need any help then tell me okay miss stranger.” said Rajeev with a pleasant smile.

I thought within my mind, “He doesn’t seem to be a bad guy. He is very polite and has manners. He didn’t press me to say my name. He is handsome too. Well, I think he is a good company. I should not lose him.”

Rajeev had turned around and was about to leave. I spoke up, “My name is Sheenu.” Rajeev again turned back to me and smiled, “Good name. You don’t worry about anything. I will show you your class and will explain everything about college. Okay Sheenu, now I have to go to my class. See you at 11:30 at the canteen.”

It was how our friendship began. Rajeev’s nature was so warm and cordial, I didn’t even feel that I had not known him. Within days we had come very close to each other. Now he was my best buddy and obviously I was of him. Before entering into college I had thought that I would make my five or six good friends. But after meeting with Rajeev, I didn’t get time even to see someone’s face. 

During our college time, we both were always together. And after college again we were together through our smartphones. Thanks to smartphones. How these have made our life easier that I came to know only after falling in love with Rajeev.

On my birthday, Rajeev made a special plan just for me. He booked a hotel room through his smartphone and invited me to come there in the evening. At first, I turned down his offer. But Rajeev was very adamant. He insisted me to come and I failed to refuse him. I knew I should not go as I am a girl but something was prodding me to go from inside and I went. 

Even though I was aware of such circumstances and I knew what was going to come next as I have heard many stories about it from my many friends, yet I couldn’t stop myself. The reality was this I myself wanted to be in the arms of Rajeev and I myself wanted to feel the depth of his love. So consequently he made love to be there in the hotel room. 

After it happened one time, my all hesitation was gone. Then it happened many a time. I had found a new life in Rajeev’s arms. If I say honestly I didn’t break the promises that I made to my parents. I was not doing any bad things. I had just found a life partner for myself. In my eyes, it was not wrong. Everything was going great until one day when I had come back home to meet my parents.



My dad said to me, “Someone is here. Sheenu please open the door.”

I replied, “Ok dad. I am going.”

I rolled off my bed and took a few quick steps to unlatch the door and open it. I was wonderstruck to see Rajeev had come to my home!

“Hey! Why have you come here? Are you mad or what? My mom and even my dad are here! Just go away!” I said panicking.

“Sheenu, I love you. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. I have come here especially to meet your professor dad.” Rajeev said with a smile on his face.

“What! Have you gone mad? He will kill you, Rajeev. Just run away.” I tried to close the door but Rajeev put his right foot in between and now I couldn’t close it. I could not understand the stupid behavior of Rajeev.

He pushed the door a bit. With the door, I got pushed too and he entered in my home! Before I could do or say anything, he directly called my dad and said, “Sir, I wanted to talk to you.”

I thought within my mind, “Is he a fool going to express his love for me? Is he come here to ask my dad his daughter’s hand? This fool doesn’t know what is he going to bring in for us?”

My dad was also shocked to see a young boy in his house directly calling him. My dad asked, “Who are you? Why have you come here?”

Rajeev answered very boldly, “It is better that we should talk in a closed room. I have come here for the sake of your respect. I know you are a well-reputed professor so be kind enough to talk in a closed room otherwise, you will always repent your this decision.”

I could not hear what Rajeev just told my dad. I was standing aghast at a distance. I saw my dad entering the side room along with Rajeev and then I heard the slam of the wooden door behind them. 

Rajeev said, “Sir, you have sent your daughter to Chandigarh so that she may receive a good education. But your daughter is doing something else and that also with the boy you are looking at...”

My dad replied furiously, “How dare you come to my home and speak like that! I am a professor at the college. I will call the police and get you in jail now.”

Rajeev responded in a calm tone, “Before calling the police, just look at the pics and videos of your daughter. It will spread like wildfire in India. And even your police will not be able to stop this. Your daughter will become immortal in porn films! Just look everywhere and see police has failed every time to control the spread of such videos.”

“What do you want?” asked my dad.

“I don’t want anything special. I have just come here for the sake of your respect. You are a well-reputed family. Why do you want to get in such a mess?” said Rajeev.

“I just asked what do you want? How much money do you want?” My dad asked with bloodshot eyes.

“What is your salary sir?” asked Rajeev.

“It is not the answer to my question.” said my dad.

“Don’t worry sir. I know. You earn about seventy thousand per month. As you are a very good teacher so I can’t ask you for more money. Just pay me three thousand every month. That’s all. I don’t think it is a big deal for you especially when your daughter’s respect is at stake.” Rajeev said with a cruel smirk on his face.

My dad’s eyes lowered down revealing his consent to what Rajeev had said and asked for. The wooden door of the room was opened and Rajeev left the room and my home. My dad’s face had turned red in anger. I didn’t know about the whole conversation as I was standing outside. I came to my dad and asked, “What happened, dad?” I didn’t get any answer except a sharp slap on my left cheek.

Obviously, I understood that something must have happened bad and Rajeev was definitely not a good guy. Then I began to enquire about Rajeev from one and many. The findings were very shocking. Rajeev had trapped many girls like me and he is taking just three thousand rupees from every girl’s father. About thirty thousand rupees he is earning per month by these foul means. He is a very clever bastard! He knows very well if he demands money in lakhs then it is certain that girls’ parents will take the help of police. Therefore he demands low but trapped many to make a big and secure amount in the years to come. 

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