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നാഗവല്ലി ⚔️

Romance Fantasy Inspirational


നാഗവല്ലി ⚔️

Romance Fantasy Inspirational

The Choices

The Choices

5 mins 233 5 mins 233

Why is it hard? It's been a while. Can't choose anything. It confusing me very much.

What should I do?

'Do you need my help?' Someone asked but I couldn't see anyone.

"Who are you??" I asked loudly.

There was a fog formed and a lady appeared with a beautiful face and cute smile. She had a crown. And a stick having a golden star on one end.

She wore a white simple dress.

"What are you starring at? Don't tell me you are already in love with me" She said

"Not that. I just wondering" I said

"Oh... I thought you are mesmerized by my beauty" She said proudly.

"I'm gay" I said.

"Oh." she sighed disappointingly.

I don't know what made disappointed her.

"Then how can I help you??" She asked

"I can't choose my future. I'm confused"

"Why should you choose? As long as it goes it's way" She said

"I have someone I love. But still I didn't accept his proposal"

"What are you waiting for? Or he will find anyone better than you. By the way is he hot?"

"He is mine" I claimed 

"Not yet" She laughed and it was annoying.

"I want to choose him. But what if my parents knew?"

"So you want to choose between him and your parents"


"I know" She said.

She was thinking. After she made two doors in front of me.

One was my parents and one was him.

"Which door will you choose??" She asked

"If I knew, why I need your help?"

"I can give you an trial offer. You can choose one. If you don't like it. You can choose other. But after you choose and quit one you can't return" She said.

I was exited. It was really a nice offer.

"But think carefully" She warned.

I looked at the two doors. When I saw his name I smiled.

He was the first one I loved in my life. He was very sincere and caring. He loved me very much and waiting for my answer for two years.

How can I ignore him. But when I saw the door of my parents, I suddenly remembered my mom first. They were with me for a long time. They love me the most. How can I disappoint them.

How can they face people if I choose him.

My eyes was full of teary. I know my first priority is not my happiness, My parents are my happiness.

So I made my mind and looked her.

"What did you choose? Or do you want to choose me instead? Trust me you are so cute. "She said

"My parents are my first preference, so I choose him now" I said

"Wow. That's smart" She complimented.

So I opened the door of him. And get into the room. When turned back to her, she was waving at me.

Suddenly I fell down and became a frog.

At first I was shocked. But when heard his voice I looked back.

"Thanks for choosing me. I'm so glad" He said.

I smiled at him. We were like just married two frogs. So many cute and sweet moments but the sun was burning. It was too hot.

"I can't stand it anymore." I said

"This time will also pass. Be strong. I'm with you. The rain will come soon" he comforted me.

But it became more worse everyday...

"No. I chose the wrong. I want to go back" I said one day and begged her to come.

Finally She appeared.

"What happened??"She asked

"I was wrong. Can I choose my parents instead?" I begged her.

She smiled.

"Of course... All yours" She said.

A door appeared.

I was so happy. I thanked her.

"All the best" She wished me. And suddenly disappeared.

I can't even ask her name. I forgot about it.

Leave it. Finally I made my decision.

I entered through the door.

Same as the previous one, I fell down and became a frog. This time it was deeper. The sun was also the same.

But it was cool there. I was very happy.

I turned around to find them. But there were no one besides me.

I was too lonely and scared.

I don't know what to do now. I realized it was a pothole.

I heard my mother's sound outside.

"Dear.... Are you happy there??"

"Wake up dear.... It's very late now" she called several times. He woke up suddenly with a shock.

"What happened?? Do you had a nightmare? "His mother asked

"Was it a dream.?" He was still in the hangover.

"What does it means? Will my mom throw me in a well?"He asked himself.

"I have a news for you" she said

He looked her curiously.

"There is a proposal for you. She is the daughter of your father's friend. Very beautiful. You will like her" mother said.

"Now my dream make sense." he realized his dream.

It was tough for him. But he grab her hands and looked at her eyes.

His eyes was full of tears.

"What happened dear... Don't you feel better?"

"I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry" he said

She surprised, hold his hands tightly.

"I'm not a good son for you. I can't fulfill your dreams as a son. I can't marry her." He cried

"Why are you crying? If you don't like her, it's ok" mother comforted him.

"Mom, I'm gay" he cried out hardly.

She was shocked. She never thought about it.

Her eyes became teary.

"I'm sorry mom" he said and hugged her tightly.

She hugged him back and patted his back.

"It's ok dear. I can understand. Mom understood. Don't cry. No matter what happens mom will be always with you. Dad too. You are our only son. Aren't you?"

"Are you mad?? Do you hate me? "He asked

"No. I respect your decision. And I proud of you" she said.

He cried hard because he never expect this scene in his life.

When he wiped his tears he saw that lady with a star stick and crown sitting on the window with a beautiful smile.

Suddenly it became a butterfly and flew away.

"Who will be it? "He thought.

After that day he never saw her again. His parents support his decision. And encouraged him to face society.

He accepted his beloved one's proposal and they are in a relationship now.

"Thanks for choosing me. I'm very glad. our life will be tough. Are you ready for it?"

"If you are with me., I'm ready to face anything. We can go through it together" he said

"I will be there for you as long as I can" when his man said that he smiled at him and pulled him to kiss

The End

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