The Brightest Star In The Sky

The Brightest Star In The Sky

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Sunil lay on his back on the roof, it was late in the night and the environment was silent except for the occasional barking of dogs or fluttering of some birds in the nearby tree branches. His body was tired still he wasn't able to sleep. Everytime he closed his eyes, her smiling face floated in front of him and he felt a piercing pain in his heart. Keeping his eyes open, gazing at the star filled sky, helped him to distract himself from her thoughts. He replayed the day's progress in his mind, even thinking about the day made him feel tired but sleep still played hide and seek with him. His body ached, the hard floor and the thin mat made it an uncomfortable bed. He stood up and paced the roof, the dampening silence made him feel sick. He wanted to go for a walk but his legs ached, he had to walk a lot the entire day, he did it intentionally so that a tired body may delve him into deep slumber and save him from the heart renching memories.

Sunil lay again on the mat and focused in the stars, few blinked faintly, few fairly bright but one stood the brightest.

The loved one shines the brightest in the sky. A thick drop escaped his eyes, now he struggled the emotional outburst along with the memories.

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