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The Bottomless Pit Of Ignorance

The Bottomless Pit Of Ignorance

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Oh, it was that pesky creature rearing its head again !

Amar fingered the wearable device that he had carried on his expedition. But, he failed to decipher the number of weeks, days or hours that he had spent in this timeless state. There were no calendars or clocks in this part of the universe. The residents were not totally oblivious of Time, but they measured it with the movement of the planets around them. And the units being large, Time was not something they bothered about in their routine existence.

The scientist’s brain was anyway still ticking away in his head, uninfluenced by his position in Space and Time. The sun rose in the West, and only twice in a year. There was a universal energy driving the bodies. He was not sure, if his physical body would survive long enough to see the night. And of course, the Spaceship would come to fetch him, at the end of his Discovery Mission.

Beep, Beep. The device had some information. Yes, the Device Memory was inextricably wired to his thoughts. Both had an inexplicable influence on each other. He could not remember, who had invented whom. It gave him an uncomfortable, eerie feeling. Will he survive?

The valley below was called the Bottomless Pit of Ignorance, and its denizens would occasionally rear their ugly heads, till he could acquire sufficient bits and bytes of knowledge to kill them. He was an impostor on this Planet, and had to manage his stay, till the Discovery Mission was completed, and a Spaceship was sent to take him back. Else, he would be ejected by the Force Machines that the residents owned, and the destination was uncertain. He was the only one, to have travelled to this planet with his physical body.

The prototypes of the Great Energy were diffused into physical bodies, to learn the lessons of Existence through the body. The Energy Capsules travelled to other planets, or back to the same one, but always without the physical bodies. There was no device to measure or capture the lessons learnt during their stay. The Research Centre had abysmally failed in implementing Knowledge Management in this sphere. Absence of a common Time parameter, made the task infinitely complex.

Amar was the only one who had dared to venture into it. His solitary status on Planet Earth helped. He grew up in an orphanage, and studied on scholarships. He could not permanently tune into the mental energy of any other fellow being, with an assurance that the wavelengths would always match. Hence, he remained single, and was willing to embrace adventure.

But was the Flight really worth it? The prototypes of energy, which were the subject of his research, resided in different bodies, but learnt the same lessons all over again. The stored knowledge appeared to have dissipated. There were only a few, who had retained it. The Saints and Masters in the High Castle were some of them, and he did record the interactions with them.


And, there were the denizens of the Bottomless Pit of Ignorance, who continued to haunt his structured brain. 

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