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Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller

The Birth of a Crime - Episode 4

The Birth of a Crime - Episode 4

5 mins 170 5 mins 170


Continued from episode 3

Next morning, I went to school. Only one thought was haunting in my mind, "What will happen after school? Will Kala and his friends come to my rescue? If in the event they don't come then what will become of me before. It is dead sure that Mandheer and his friends are going to humiliate me before her and they are going to do it very badly."

I could not concentrate on my studies. Teachers came and went by, I could not focus on even a single word uttered by them. Today, I didn't even try to meet Nisha as I had no courage to come before her. When I came to know that she was looking for me, I changed my way. I didn't even to go canteen lest she should find me there. My mind went on revolving around only one thought, "What will happen after school."

The bell of the last period rang and the school was over. My heart began to throb. My forehead became moist with sweat drops. I began to move towards my bike in the parking lot. Thank God, Kala and his friends were already there!

"Hey Kala, you are here. I was looking for you."

Kala replied, "What did you think, are we impotent like you? We are man, Sanjay. We are real man."

My eyes again got lowered down in shame. I was literally feeling myself an impotent.

"Where is he?"

I asked, "Who?"

"Who kicked your ass!"

"Okay, you mean Mandheer. He is about to come."


Just after about a minute, I saw Mandheer coming towards me with his friends with brisk steps.

I said to Kala, "There he is."

"Let him come."

Within about twenty seconds Mandheer and his friends reached me. Mandheer and I both were face to face now. Mandheer was about to say something bad to me but bam! Bam! Kala gave two sudden slaps on his face. Abu and Salim rushed to slap and kick Mandheer's friends. Mandheer's friends ran in no time. Mandheer began trembling in fear because he was a bully only in the school, not a goon of the city.

Kala said very clearly, threatening him, "You bullshit, Sanjay is my brother. Just do what he says. Don't ever even think of troubling him. If he complains again about you then I will cut you into small pieces. Ask anyone in this city, who is Kala? You will come to know who am I? For the time being, you can call me your dad."

Abu and Salim began to laugh aloud. Mandheer ran away. I could not believe my own eyes! I saw Mandheer running like a coward. I asked myself, "Really? Is he the same Mandheer from whom students and even teachers fear? Kala made him run away within two minutes! Kala is really a man. He is really a man and saviour of my and Nisha's life. Now, I can also say to Nisha that I have saved you from the clutches of Mandheer."

Kala said to me with a smile and patting me on my back, "Sanjay, enjoyed? Is it okay? I don't think so, he will even think of disturbing you again."

"Yeah, I think you are right. You are really great man. You said right you are a real man."

"Don't worry, Sanjay, we will make you a real man too."

"Yeah, sure. I also want to become like you. I also want to live like a lion. You are really the king of our city, the lion of our city!"

"Haha. Okay, then start meeting us daily. Today, evening in Rahat resort at 6 p.m. We will be looking for you."

"Yeah, sure. I will be there." I said with my glowing face.

"Okay, then see you there, bye."


I rushed towards the parking place of girls. I began to look for Nisha and I found her soon. I ran towards her. Nisha saw me running towards her. 

Nisha asked me, "Hey, where were you? I have been looking for you since morning and I found you nowhere. I also waited for you in the canteen but you were not even there."

I said in a low voice so that others could not hear it, "Nisha, your problem is solved. Now, Mandheer will never interfere with your life again."

"What? It is not possible. He is a very adamant boy."

"Believe me, now he will never trouble you."

"Why? Means, did you do anything?"

"Yes, I did it. I talked to him to never disturb you again."

"What? You should have not done that. He is a bully. Now, he will start even troubling you."

"Huh, If he is a bully, then I am also a hero of the school. Now, he will do whatever I will say. He can't even dream of troubling. Believe me. And suppose even if he does something, well that's not possible now, but even if he does then telephone, I will make him do the right thing within a second."

"But, how is it possible? Did you fight with him?"

"No. I just threatened him."

"Really? Whatever you have done, now it's gone. Now, please don't commit such blunder again. I don't want to put your life to risk."

"Now, please leave this topic and let's celebrate and have fun. From today, you have got your life back." I said beaming at her.

One month passed. Mandheer didn't even look at Nisha. Nisha was amazed to see the change in Mandheer's behaviour. She couldn't believe her own eyes. She was now completely impressed with me. She had come closer to me than before. She began to feel more comfortable and safe with me. Now, we began to remain closer in school. We would sit together in the canteen. We would talk for hours on the phone. 

One day, I and Nisha were sitting in the canteen and we were eating patties. She was saying something about her friends, I was hearing her but not listening. Within my mind some other thoughts were flying. I was thinking, "I think the right time has come to propose to her. Now, I have become a man. I have become a hero in her eyes. I can make her feel safe in school and with me."

All of a sudden, I said, "I love you!"


"I love you, Nisha!"

"What I can't believe my ears! What did you say?"

"I love you, Nisha, from the bottom of my heart."

She got stunned.

"What's your answer, Nisha?"

To be continued…

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