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Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller

The Birth of a Crime Episode 3/6

The Birth of a Crime Episode 3/6

5 mins 197 5 mins 197


Continued from episode 2

I opened the main door of our house and went out near those three guys. I stood there with my eyes fixed on them. One of them asked, "Hey, who are you?"

I said, "Sanjay." 

"Why are you here?"

"I want to smoke."

All of the three guys began to stare at me and a little smile appeared on all three faces. The seemed to be head of them said, "Come here. Join us."

The seemed to be head took out one more cigarette from his pocket and handed over to me. I put the cigarette between my both lips. One of the other two pressed the button of the lighter. Fire emerged from it. He lit my cigarette. I had never smoked before. So I coughed!

Ahem! Ahem!

The seemed to be head asked me, "Doing it for the first time?"

I replied, "Yes."

"Don't worry. Slowly, you will learn to be a man."

The other two started laughing.

"Well, I am known as Kala."

The other added, "Kala, the king of our area."

I said, "It's really great. In today's time one must be powerful. Otherwise one can't even breathe properly in the midst of suffocating people."

Kala said, "Hmm… you seemed to be intelligent."

"No, I am not intelligent. I want to be intelligent not in marks, but in my real life."

"That sounds great."

"That's why I want to join you."

"Why should we take you with our group."

"Because four is better than three."

"Haha, I think you have within yourself what is required to be a man."

I smiled.

"Meet us tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. in mid way resort. We will be waiting for you."

"Okay, I will come for sure."

I sneaked back home. I went back to my room and began to ponder over these guys. I didn't know what would happen tomorrow. It was the first time ever that I met such kind of guys. 

My mobile buzzed. I picked up my phone and I saw that Nisha was calling me. At once, the feeling of a loser and impotent overwhelmed me. I could not even pick up her phone due to the fear that she could ask me about me and Mandheer. She might come to know about something that happened between us. It was a feeling of a great shame for me. I didn't pick her phone. She called me many times but I ignored. Then I received a message from her. 

"What I am hearing, is it true? Please tell me what happened between you and Mandheer today?"

Lump developed in my throat. My eyes got swollen. I tried to control my tears and they forcefully made their way to the floor. I switched off my mobile and started crying. 

Next morning, I set off for school, which I showed to my parents. In actuality, I left my home and sat in the park waiting for 6 p.m.

At 6 p.m. I was sitting in the midway resort waiting for Kala and his friends. At 06:05 p.m. Kala and his two friends entered the resort. They found me in no time and sat with me on the round table. 

One of the friends of Kala said, "So, give us a treat. It's our first meeting in a resort. Kala loves to eat non veg food."

I understood, "I called the waiter and ordered two non-veg dishes along with liquor."

I said to myself, "Thank God, I have saved much money from my pocket money. Otherwise, how could I have paid the bill?"

They all became very happy. They all were laughing aloud and cracking indecent and vulgar jokes. In fact, I was hating their company but I didn't show them. I kept on wearing a permanent smile on my face before them. I made them realize that I was having great fun with them too. From their conversation, I came to know that Kala's friend's names were Abu and Salim. After they were drunk, their behaviour was becoming friendlier than before with the passage of time and I felt it was the right opportunity to reveal what was hidden in my heart. But before I spoke, Kala himself asked me. 

"Sanjay, no one comes to meet us simply. Everyone has reasons to come to us. Tell me your reason."

"No, no. I don't have any ulterior motive."

"Hey! Don't fool us. If you be honest with us, it is good for you. In our company you can't say even a single lie. It is intolerable here. Mind you, one more lie means we will kick your ass right now. Now tell me what is your reason to meet us."

"Actually, I want to save a girl from the ruthless hands of Mandheer."

"Is she your girlfriend?"

"Hmm… No."

"Then why do you want to save her. Let Mandheer do what he wants to do with her."

"No, I can't let it happen."

Abu said mockingly, "Kala, it's one sided frustrated love affair."

Salim added laughing madly by holding his tummy, "Mandheer must have kicked his ass. That's why he is here with us. Haha."

My eyes got lowered in shame. 

Kala said, "I don't know why only impotent comes to us? Haha."

My face became dull and pale and tears rolled down on my cheeks. Kala abruptly spoke up, "Don't worry, Mandheer's game is over. Go back to your home and watch a movie. Tomorrow your all tensions will come to an end. Haha."

By the last statement of Kala's, I gained some confidence. I saw a ray of hope in his eyes. I thought, "Maybe their speaking style is rough and rude. Maybe they are not educated enough. That's why they are using very harsh words. It may happen that they will help me and my problem will be solved forever. I think I should go to school tomorrow."

To be continued...

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