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Meera betham



Meera betham


The Angel

The Angel

4 mins

One day I saw an Angel sitting under the tree. I wanted to see her closely, so I reached her. But she was not looking at me. She wore a white gown and her wings looked like a sponge sheet. Around her, the earth wore a green blanket. It was so beautiful. I had never ever seen such a beautiful and pleasant nature.

I wanted to touch her wings but I feared. But I can't hold my enthusiasm for more time. So I dared to touch her. When I touched her wings, a spark came from her entered into my body. I felt like flying in the sky. My body was floating in the air like a sponge.

I was asking her, why you're sitting here? She was not answering. Again I was asking, are you waiting for anyone? She doesn't move. But I was not interested in leaving her. I wanted to see her face. So I again asked her. Finally she looked at me with a bright smile. But did not answer my question.

She was so pretty and had a kind smile. I think everyone forgot their worries in her presence.

She stands and picks up my hand. At that time the sky is filled with colorful butterflies which are formed as beautiful rainbows. The plants leave a path for her. The clouds showered flower petals on her head. The plants made a flower carpet with their colorful flowers. So we were walking on that beautiful carpet. She was taking me at the bank of river.

When I saw that place I recalled my childhood memories. I knew that place very well. I always played with my friends there. We built sand houses by competing with each other. She interrupted me.

She started talking, one day I came here by the God's order for human souls. I came here like a bird. A hunter hit me with his arrow. I was hurt. At that time a little girl rushed towards me and helped me. She cleaned my wound with her piece of gown. She bandaged me with a piece of cloth which she cut from her gown. I admired her for her little help. So I decided to do a favour for her. I went to her sand house. There I observed she wrote something on the sand with tears. I read those words and was stunned. She continued so I came here to save the little Darling's life.

I was asking, what she wrote on the sand and who is the little Darling. I slowly remembered that situation. I think I'm. She told me yes dear. You're my little Darling. You saved me once. So I want to save your life now. I'm curious, what I wrote on the sand. She blew the wind there, I observed golden letters as "Please save my life"

I didn't understand. How I knew I'm in danger in future. I was asking that question to the Angel.

She smiled and answered me. Children are the gifts of God. They talk with God and know their future. But can't remember those along their growth. They forget all those by growing. You also forgot. She smiled.

At that I observed the sky had darkened. I looked at the sky I wondered. The birds covered the sky with their wings. I just looked at the sides, I was shocked. The water flooded and took everything along with it. But no drop of water fell on me. I listened to the thunder sounds also and saw the lightning.

She smiled and continued, I saved your life from the flood. That's why I came here little Darling.

She gave me a beautiful white flower and told me, it saved you. Its fragrance saved your life. If you're in any trouble just share with it. It never dried. Its as beautiful as. If you're in any problem just remember me. I will come for you little Darling, she told me with smile on her face.

I think may be I'm in a dream. So I pinched myself. I identified its real. How lucky I'm.

She left me and travelled towards the heaven. I said good bye with warm smile.

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