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Ashwin Vijay

Drama Fantasy

The Adventure Of Robbin

The Adventure Of Robbin

8 mins

It was 5 am, “Time for school”, said Mummy. Robbin somehow got up from the bed. Still when he was brushing his teeth, he felt sleepy and yawned loudly and again started to brush his teeth. “Robby, your breakfast is ready. Come quickly”. Robbin mustered all his strength and walked to the dining table and ate his breakfast. It was 05.15 am, time for the bath. He washed his face and cleaned his mouth and ran to the bathroom. Fast like light he came out of the bathroom and dressed quickly and ran to the bus stop. It was 06.00 am time for the bus to come. His friends asked, “From tomorrow on wards Christmas holiday is starting. What will you do? Our teacher has given us homework to write a nice story”. Robbin said, “Our teacher too has given us to write a story”.

And while they were discussing, the school bus arrived at the bus stop and the bus conductor said, “Come on children go into the bus”. Robby stepped into the bus along with all the school children. As the bus started with a jerk, Robby fell on the floor. Soon he got up and stood up and the grabbed the handle bar tightly. As the bus arrive at the school and stopped at the parking space, Robby fell down again. “It's my falling day”, said Robby.

After alighting from the bus all the children went to their respective class. As Robby reached his classroom he saw no one because he had come very early. He sat on his bench and said to himself, “Let’s have some nap time”. While he was sleeping, many children came into the class. After 5 minutes Robby woke up. Everyone stood up and said, “Good morning teacher”. Robbin also stood up. “Did you all have learned for English exam well?” All said,”Yes teacher”. After all the prayers the paper started. Robbin was feeling tired, but somehow he completed his paper.

He reached home at 12.00 pm sat on the chair and said, “Mommy, I am going to write a story today”. Mother said,”Okay”. He ran and took out his Homework book and pen and started to write. After writing two chapter he got bored. Then he had a better idea. After taking some rest he began writing.

There was a boy living in a castle village. He had made many friends. But Robby did not know what name to give to this boy and what should be the title of the story. He thought and thought. At last he kept the title “Adventure of Robbin Hook”. He thought that this would be better than what he had thought before. He wrote and wrote. But the more he wrote, he felt more bored. After some time he started feeling sleepy, but he continued to write somehow and then he felt more sleepy. When he was in the middle he closed his eyes and slept away. A dream covered his mind. A real dream.

Robbin was in a big storm and very much scared. But someone in the boat said, “Keep balance!” He scream,”What’s that? Can you see that Robbin?” Robbin didn’t see below because he thought he was on the ground. But when he saw, he was at the top of the ship in the sky.

“There there’s the island. Turn the sails”, Robbin screamed. But they crashed on the rock, but their ship survived.

But after that what happened was unbelievable. The island that they saw disappeared in a second. The storm disappeared too. All were shocked and the captain was shocked too. All were crying with joy, but when captain entered the room and said, “The island is gone”, there was silence and felt sad.

After a while they started journey again and safely reached the Thailand and started to live there. There Robbin made many friends. One day when he was playing with his friends he saw a saint. The saint asked him, “What’s your name?”. He said,”My name is Robbin”. “Are you a sailor?”, the said asked. Robbin answered “Yes, I am”. The saint started playing with them. After sometime the saint started calling Robbin. He ran towards him and the saint said,”See in the map”.

After finding the map, the Captain called all the men on the deck. They set sail from Thailand to find the island.

After some days when the were almost reaching Japan they saw the British ship who were sailing toward South America. But when the British ship saw us they started to turn the ship and sail towards us. While they were approaching us they got sucked into the water.

A big cloud of smoke covered the sky and Captain was heard shouting,”Faster, move faster”. All the sails were released. They all became nervous for what could have happened to them. While all were already nervous they had nothing to eat. They threw a fishing net in the water. The Captain said,”Robby, you should net a big fish for us all”. Robbin waited for five to six hours but found nothing. At last he saw something in the water trying to escape the net. As Robbin watched closely, he saw a mermaid. She was struggling against the net which was pulled up on the ship. Captain came out of his cabin and asked Robby,”Did you find a big fish?”. Instead he was shocked see a mermaid. He asked,”From where did you find this mermaid?”. Robby was himself confused and was questioning himself, how did he find a mermaid? All the crew members were shocked to see a mermaid in real life. When the mermaid saw all of them, she was afraid. The Captain started shouting,”Move the ship fast, as fast as you can”. All started running when they saw hands of a giant Octopus. Some one shouted,”Kraken!”.

Soon all of them understood that they are in a real big trouble. All became scared. Everyone started running here and there. Now they could neither run away from there nor move their boat out of Kraken’s path. The mermaid started saying,”Throw me into the water and Kraken will leave you”. Robby came to her and before throwing here into the sea, he said,”I am trusting you”. And he threw her into the sea. While doing so he slipped and fell into the sea along with the mermaid. In the sea he saw dozens of shipwrecks.

Robby was surprised to see his father’s ship that sank three years ago. The mermaid took him up. Robby started screaming,”Leave me, leave me!”. The crew on the board threw ropes and Robby climbed up. No sooner did they got relief from the Kraken they found another trouble in front of them. There was a big rock in the path of the ship.

They immediately turned the ship and after some time saw an island that had disappeared, so they thought. But it was not an island but was a big piece of rock. As soon as they stopped on it, it began to move here and there. Finally it came out of the water. Everyone was astonished to see a big crab from the deep ocean.

Lots of water splashed on them as the crab moved. They all were scared and their legs started shacking due to fear. Soon they realised that the crab is harmless and will not do anything to them. While all were discussing among themselves about the crab they heard someone saying,”How we will get on that island?”. The crab became happy that they were the first one to reach there in search of the island. The crab picked them up out of the water and threw them forcefully in the sky.

As the crab threw them into the sky all began to scream,”Aaaah!,save us!”. But Captain George was courageous. He ordered the crew to quickly open all the sails. The crew somehow reopened the knots of the sails and asked the Captain “What will happen if we open the sails? We are going to fall down”. Captain asked the crew to wait for some time. And soon the wind started blowing and held ship afloat. The Captain said,”Control the ship as we did when the sailed at sea and I would see my ship sailing in the sky”. For a while they struggled, but then they began to fly in the sky. The Captain exclaimed,”We are flying!”

Alas!, this did not last, because a big thunderstorm was all over the sky. All began to run here and there. The Captain ordered something unusual. He ordered,”Be courageous. Turn the ship”. All began to shift the sails towards the north-east. But before they did so, a flash of lightening fell on the ship. All were scared. Some of them were even burning in the fire. The wine drum fell on the right leg of Robbin. He began to grown with pain. But he mustered all his strength and courageously walked inside the cabin.

But this was just a struggle to reach the island in the cloudy sky. They all wore smiling faces, but the Captain was sad because he had just lost control of his ship. The big question was, how they will land? The Captain said,”Tie the sails again”. But there was nothing to tie because almost every sail was burned. And then something boomed on the ship.

After some time Robbin found himself inside the sand. He only saw the ship wreck and nothing more on the island.

After sailing for more than a week he was the only one to reach the island. Then when he fell on the sand he woke up. He was surprised too. He said to himself,”What! I was dreaming but not yet completed the story”. “Magic!” he said to himself.

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