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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Thriller

Tarot Cards Episode 1/2

Tarot Cards Episode 1/2

6 mins 218 6 mins 218


I, Nargesh applied brakes of the bike and stopped at a place in between the forest where there was no one. Everything was silent there. Tall trees stood still as if they had been in that posture for thousands of years. Their long and weird branches were giving a horrifying look. Even the air seemed to be still and grim. Everywhere was darkness, only darkness.

I looked around and saw a ray of light coming from a distance and I had come here only for it. I lightly pushed my bike stand and left it on the muddy lane itself. I started following that single ray of light. It was coming from the side of the road in between the dense trees. Now, I had come in the midst of the dense trees. Obviously, my face was showing symptoms of fear as it was a spooky place.

I continued following the light until I reached a small muddy pathetic hut. I knocked at the door.

Knock! Knock!

The slow dull voice came from inside, “Come in Nargesh. The gate is already opened for you.”

I entered the hut. The full hut was made of mud. There was nothing inside it except a few candles and a wooden box and an old man sitting on a chair before me. 

I said, “I want your help.”

The old man replied in a low dull voice, “All come here for seeking help but nobody has come here for giving help.”

I put my hand in the back pocket of my pant and I took out a green coloured note of rupees five hundred and placed it on the table, “I don’t only seek help, I also give help.”

The old man placed his hand on the five hundred rupees note and said, “In fact, I don’t want to charge anyone for what I do for them. But I have to eat something to live and for that...”

I intervened, “I can understand. I may also suffer from a very pathetic condition in the near future. I have to clear huge debts. I am left with nothing. Therefore, I have come here.”

“But how can I help you? I have only this five hundred rupees that you gave me just now.”

“Haha, no baba (a polite word used for addressing an old man), I am not here to ask money from you. I am here for your skill. With your skill, you can help me in making money.”


“Now, I have only five lakhs rupees in total that also a borrowed amount. In fact, I have borrowed seventy-five lakhs rupees. I lost seventy lakh in business. I have to return their money soon in very less time.”

“Nargesh, you haven’t answered my question.”

I quickly answered, “I want to invest my money in Sensex. And with your tarot readings, you will help me to decide the stock on which I should spend.”

“Nargesh, you know me very well. I don’t use my skills for making money. Neither I am interested in it nor I recommend it. But I know you very well too. You are a good person. But how come that you borrowed such a large amount of money! You could have done a small business by investing a small amount of money. I can see it is nothing but greed has overpowered you!”

Tears started rolling down my eyes, “Yes, you are right baba! It has happened only because of my greed. But baba, I didn’t want to harm anyone. I just borrowed money for starting a business and it failed.”

“Nargesh, I never expected this from you. Control your desires, Naresh! These are fatal.”

“I understand, baba. I will not commit the same mistake again, I promise. But what for now? Now, I have already committed a blunder. They will kill me if I fail to return their money back. It is only you who can pull me out of this predicament. Please help me baba, please help me.”

The old man’s face was showing signs of tension. A few wrinkles appeared on his forehead, “Nargesh, I will do this only a few times just to save your life. I am not doing this for making you rich. I am doing this just to save your life. Remember it always.”

“Thanks, baba. Thanks a lot.”

The old man opened his wooden box kept on the table. There was something covered in the dark red colour cloth. He unfolded the dark red cloth to reveal a deck of tarot cards. He placed his head on the tarot cards and murmured a short mantra. Then the old man asked, “Name me the stocks that you think that can bring profit.”

“Baba, here I have written the names of those five stocks.”

“Make five chits of one stock each and place all the chits on the different directions on the table.”

I did as he instructed.

The old man closed his eyes and shuffled the cards at a very fast pace. He did it thrice and then placed one card over each stock. Then he opened his eyes. He flipped each card one by one. On BHEL stock, the card showed a man carrying a bucket of gold coins. The old man said with full confidence, “It is BHEL”

I nodded, “Okay baba.”

The very next morning, I spent my full five lakh on BHEL and within seven days, the price of the shares of BHEL doubled!

After seven days, I was again sitting before the same baba in the same small muddy hut and for the same purpose. This time baba said, “Jindal steel and power limited.” The very next day, I invested my full amount i.e. ten lakh rupees on Jindal steel and power limited. Within seven days the price of shares doubled again!

By the end of the next fourteen days, I was with eighty lakh rupees within my bank account. I had regained my all lost amount. Now, I could clear my all debts very easily. But I thought within my mind, “This baba is awesome! He is a money-making machine! He can make me a lot more.” I went to meet baba again.

I said to the same old man with a very polite voice, “Baba, first of all, thanks a lot. I earned eighty lakhs rupees just because of you. Now, I can clear all my debts. Thanks.”

“Welcome Nargesh. Nargesh, I never wanted to use my tarot skills for earning huge amount of money. But I have done this just to save your life.”

“I remember baba. You are really a great person. But I have one last request for you. Please help me one last time more.”

“Now, for what?”

“Just one last more time baba. With your tarot skills, guess for me one more stock.”

“Are you mad, Nargesh! Just now you told me that you remember why I did all this! I have just saved your life. I didn’t help you make money for your luxury life.”

“Baba, please do it for the last time.”


“See baba, I have eighty lakhs rupees. If you help me one last time more then I will be having one crore sixty lakh rupees. And I will give you forty lakh rupees! How it sounds?”

To be continued...

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