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Drashti Badheka

Drama Tragedy Classics


Drashti Badheka

Drama Tragedy Classics

Sunshine Sister

Sunshine Sister

4 mins

Walking inside the deepest part of the forest was making my heartbeats faster. The tall oak and bamboos all over, while, the little shrubs went through their own way. I, running with my hiking shoes on, tied my long hair in a ponytail and wearing my favourite pair of blue jeans and black sleeved top which hugged my body smoothly. I ran, untill, behind one of the huge bulk of dark trees was on sight and my legs slowed down. 

The huge stems that covered each other side and a stream of light passed through the whole forest by a single source. I stood with closed eyes until my eyes gained its familiarity. When I opend them, a beautiful small lake, surrounded by red and orange and yellow and purple flowers making it look like heaven. Heaven on the land of karma. I smiled to myself and a sudden huge flow of cold airbrushed my face. 

Further away, i saw a girl with colorful umbrella in her hands, coming towards me. She was a sight of extreme beauty, long golden hair shinning like a sunshine and old era huge pink gowns, totally in need of gulping over this era's fashion. Her huge brown eyes shinned and smile appeared on her silky smooth skin. She hugged me and kiss me on my forehead, and said

"Isn't my sister suppose to move on, live her beautiful life" 

My eyes full of tears, trying to hold her as much as can,

"Your sister supposed to live a happy life but it isn't possible with you. We're twins. We're supposed to be happy together whatever it takes and yet, we are here.........

Div, I missed you. Everyday I had to wake up with the fact that you no longer exist but it eats me. Everything reminds me of you. I know you got peace but you lost your life to save me. You're living here, one of your favourite place like a princess but you weren't supposed to be here. It was all because of me you got here and I can't leave you here, all alone."

She swiped my eyes and took my face in her hands,

"Hey twiny, listen, it's not your fault. I would give everything to save you, okay. Stop this guilt, it's what written. And I am okay, that what matters. I can see you and feel you, I wouldn't have asked anything else. Loneliness does eat person, but I am not alone. You're with me, and I know you always will. But, you can't leave your life and be here everyday. You should move on. Do what you want. Don't waste it, not a single moment. "

Her words were simple to listen but hard to grasp. I want to hug her and just get her home back and wanted to spend my whole life with her but now, that's impossible. She had had her peace, over here, at this place, luckily for us we could communicate and touch each other, but still, void exists. We live in a different world.

"I missed you........so much." My shallow voice with tears in eyes made it hard to pour out words.

She took a step back, and said,

"I missed you, too" , and she smiled.

Flowers started flowing all over us with air. And she disappeared. Void returned in the heart and it hurts. It hurts with every breath. She lived here all alone and she was ok. But, I live in the world, full of people, and surely, crowd invites more loneliness.

I had to fight it, alone. The ones who would ask me make me feel like I am some jinx. Hard reality of this world.

I packed my bags, all my memories with her. My sunshine days, and my childhood, she was all I had, and now, she needs me to move on. Standing at a bus stop to think of her, leaving her, here, aching and had to. Bus appears acting as hope, but in reality, it's his plan to make me suffer. 

And, I deny, suffering.

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