Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra
Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra



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It was the 6th day ,and the creator almost finished making his world, but wasn’t satisfied, later decided to create a superior being which would rule and guard the rest of his creations and hence took soil and created a mass and gave him breath. Later incorporated a power called soul into it and made mankind.
The Creator was satisfied with his creation, but was not pleased to see human being alone, thus decided to create a perfect companion , hence took a part of his body and soul and created woman, each soul is divided and placed in perfect wombs where the body for the soul is formed. As mankind increased in number soul mates got scattered and they were not born at the same time and place. They were brought together by a force called love and an acceleration called destiny.
“Hey its time, come let’s move,” like an alarm sound during a peaceful sleep shouted her friend Hina in that damn silent library! She suddenly closed the unknown diary she was reading that was on the library table.. The thoughts of soulmate were drilling into her mind throughout the way back..
When she stepped in she saw a happy couple enjoying their evening. Without conscious she was wondering how happy they are. When they saw her the beautiful woman who added beauty to her stiff cotton saree called,
“Hey baby, why are you late, come we were waiting for you! Have something”,
She went and sat the between stiff cotton saree and the ever handsome man and started,
“By the way mom I wanna ask you something. Did you find your soulmate?”
Her mom smiling, “Yeah I did”
“But how?” she questioned again with great curiosity.
“That can’t be explained by words my dear, you’ll feel it when you find yours’. At that moment you will feel like you are the most happiest person and its gonna continue forever!” her moms words aggrevated her drilling thoughts
The next day she went very early to school than usual to check with that diary.
When she hurried to the table, : Raj, no.3,  cricket. It was written on the back of his white t-shirt. He wore a track pant, a pair of reebok shoes. His perfect haircut and manly looks, when he ran his fingers through his hair, tempted her to look at his face. But to her misfortune, he left before she could reach him. She searched him everywhere, but was all in vain.Tired of searching, when she turned back to class, felt a breeze all over her.
“Hi I’m Raj. And you are Priya right?”, her vocal cords paralysed for a moment and just nodded her head in surprise
“I guess you left your ID card yesterday in the library”, he gave it to her.
“Ok then, will catch you soon”and raised his hand for a shake, that hand shake gave her the magical moment which her mom could not explain it to her.
She fell head over heels in love with him.
“Here’s my soul mate” screamed her heart with joy.
she met him every day the in library and the time gradually pulled them closer. She was excited in his presence. He too seemed to be enjoyed with her company. Love in her overflowed but her inferiority complex, shyness, fear of society stopped her from confessing. She was waiting for him to confess first. Days passed, that was the last day of school.
She didn’t have many friends except Hina. She was so calm and non expressive that even few of her classmates would not recognise her. Not being much engaged in farewell day celebration, she felt as if her heart is going to beat the speed of light. Having no one to share how she felt, each second was feeling like hell. The sky turned orange, her face red and but Raj didn’t turn up.....
Days passed, searched him in all the possible ways she could, but she couldn’t even smell a bit about him. Was expecting him each and every minute to return throughout her holidays checking out every guy she sees whether he could be him.Her board exams results were out and she joined under graduation in a very busy city. She was lifeless, she moved wherever the new environment compelled. Not an attempt for a new friendship was made, neither did the old ones last. She searched in every sphere of knowledge of him. Raj fitted into every thought of hers..
Here is when she started a new life with him, only the both of them, in her mind. She has indulged in an induced hallucination that grew within.
Two years of domestic life with him had profound roots piercing deeper her heart. Self confinement fed her isolation, love to her yearn!
It was 23rd march, 6:30PM. Unwilling to return home, She went into that huge library. With his unsent birthday gift on the corner library table, she sat on a chair with headphones on.
Suddenly her headphones stopped comforting her, phone went out of charge, That’s when she saw a tall, handsome guy with a black jacket and a blue jean which added to his manliness. He was heading towards her. He looked familiar but she couldn’t recognise him, he came and sat opposite to her.
“Hi. I’m not sure whether you could recognise me, I’m Vignesh your classmate. You can call me Vicky.
She having no idea why he was there just gave a brief smile and replied, “I’m Priya.”
“Priya, there is a party in my room today, I went to shop for getting some more drinks for friends but was too tired so thought I would sleep here for some time and then go there, as it was so noisy in there. After I got up it was 8:30, I ran to the door but it was locked outside, and when I turned back I saw you that’s why I’m here before you.”
Before he finished she pulled the chair back and ran towards the door tried her best to get out but it of no use. Her phone was dead too.
“Vignesh can I have your phone for a while? Mine is dead.”

“Oh my god that’s awesome!”
He gave an awe look and said,
“I left mine in my car, we have no other go than spending the night here, don’t worry I’m not that scary, I have my Anu.
Priya was damn scared, pissed and in pain too. As she didn’t have anything from morning, her hunger aggravated her mixed feelings.
The clock moved very slowly, Vicky was continuously talking, though she didn’t want to answer she couldn’t ignore him.
“Hey Priya I have pure vodka wanna give it a try?”
“Nope I don’t drink”
“Yeah then Ok” he shrugged his shoulder.
Vicky had two shots.
Didn’t know what she thought, Priya took the bottle and drank it all. Vicky being shocked was looking at her. silence prevailed for a while
“They say alcohol reduces pain but why is it worsening it? Oh my god! Om my god! It’s very heavy, my heart, I guess it’s gonna fall into my abdomen.”
“What?” he laughed, “Just put the trash out, you will feel light”
“It’s not trash, it’s full of my Raj. I searched him everywhere couldn’t find him, I think he is hiding behind the clouds and I couldn’t reach there” and she told all her story...
She blabbered throughout the night.
Sun revisited to brighten the world. Priya tried hard and barely opened her eyes,there was a black jacket over her. And when she accidently placed her hands into the pockets there was a letter
“take care, Priya 9710694168”.

Puzzled, She vacated that place as soon as possible and returned to her room. When she realised what she did the previous night, she felt very embarrassed.
Few minutes later, her phone flashed a message, “Hey bestie , take a hot bath and then have something hot, it may help you recover from hangover.” she, feeling embarrassed and guilty didn’t reply him.
A week passed and after so much of oscillation Priya attempted to call him,
“hey Bestie , you took one week to come out of hangover?”, he laughed.
“How about coffee?”
At the seventh minute she was at the Café. The door opened for her, he in front. 2 hot cappuccinos were placed on their table.
Priya started “About that day…”
“Priya, chill, no regrets, leave it. I know you would be feeling bad for sharing it with a guy. Never see me as a guy, just see me as a friend and you can 200% believe me. No gender guilt please. If you want you can see me as a girl call me with whatever name you like.

He was such an excellent orator that he unlocked and found a place in her world which had never given way to anyone for the past few years. Gradually their friendship grew older, much older than time. Thereafter, they were like eyes, one never let the other to see good or bad things or shed tears but situated within an optimum anatomical distance. Only a very few in the college wherein they were considered as best couple, could understand what their relationship actually is. The best part of their relationship was Anu, the most precious asset of Vicky, were one of the few.

Calenders changed and not their friendship, fights, cries, arguments. Apologise may sometimes give an entry but were thrown out as soon as possible.
It was the last day of that semester, Vicky dragged her out of college. He always makes her die in suspense. And she loves it. It happened that day too, she was obsessed of every time asking him as of where he is taking her.

“Priya…The greatest lover of coffee do enjoy it.” and he parked the car before café.

“Sure ” she laughed, these little surprises of him always dissolves her tensions.

Both of them found a comfortable table, he started “Priya, it has been years. I haven’t asked you about Raj. Is it still aching that hard?”

She gave brief a smile, and the cappucino they ordered, was placed on their table.

“Vicky, my life was like a black coffee, too much concentrated with Raj, dark and bitter to drink. You changed it into a cappucino by adding milk, sugar, cream and an art making it colourful, beautiful and more tasty. No more aches, but the primal taste is always present. It can never become coffee without coffee powder right?”
“Vicky I haven’t told you these many days I have no idea when ,where and how I lost my long lasted grief, pain, inferiority complex, shyness , good-for-nothing thoughts on myself. You bought me boldness dressed me in confidence and drowned me into joyous moments. I guess I could never find anything to pay you back”.

“Hey!“ Shouted a voice and there came Anu. Thin and fine structure. Her curly hair added to her beauty.
She looked as if she was made for him. Only for him.

Vicky came back from his deep thinking as Anu sat next to him and waved her hand

“Hey hi. Darls?” said Vicky

“So how are you? The best couple! He looks serious !!! So there must be some issue with you Priya. His face reflects your mood”, she smiled, and Priya continued,
“No we were just talking about past that’s it.”
Vicky has never discussed about Priya to Anu and Anu too had never forced him to.

“Hey what is with you man? Is there any prob?” Anu held his hands.

“Anu," he paused… "I’m in love with… Priya”

“whaaat!! Oh please” she laughed. Priya’s heart skipped a few beats.

“No Anu, I’m serious, damn serious”

Priya was dumbstruck. Silence prevailed for a while. And Anu broke the silence

“Fine Vicky, I respect your feelings. I’ll never interfere with your wishes, go ahead.”

She took Priya’s hand and brought it over Vicky’s hands. Priya was staying still not able to come out of shock and then Anu started laughing, left Priya’s hand before letting it touch Vicky’s and hit his head.
“Stop it Vicky, I can’t act any more." He started laughing too.

“Vicky, more than you or me I trust our love, there is no break up or second love in its dictionary”

Priya was stunned.. “Ok guys, it is late for my train. I have to leave” and Priya left abruptly.

Holidays were over, it was the final semester everyone were very serious in studies. Life became a busy schedule, responsibilities and future tension piggy banked everyone. It was 4pm,

“Priya, board the white Audi that is standing before college” he cut the call, not letting her reply.

“ppah! Started as usual, again suspense” said to herself and boarded the car.

It was a long travel, lasted for 3 hours and her suspense made her feel double the time. The destination arrived. It was a resort.

At once she entered, “Ma’am please go to our private beach” said the receptionist there.

Her breath stopped in surprise. In front of the playing waves over the blue sea, there stood a platform simple and neatly decorated in blue and white, white and pink spread down over path welcomed her to the platform.

It was exactly the way she planned to propose Raj. When she first met Vicky, she had told this to him, drunken. Shen went towards the platform, in front of which Vicky was waiting with a cute smile and handed a handful of white roses which was a little less attractive before his smile.

“Priya, I went through the clouds and…..” he moved aside before completing

“Found your star” when she noticed in the direction of his hand, all her nerves stopped functioning. It was Raj. Standing on the platform with his hands welcoming her.

Then she looked at Vicky, “Happy birthday Bestie” he winked his eyes .

The voice she longed to hear for millions of seconds started,
“Happy birthday Priya, I’m sorry Priya,” Raj was giving his reasons for not contacting her. Priya couldn’t hear anything. She wasn’t out of shock, dumbstruck looking at him.

Raj knelt down, “I wish to share my love with you for the rest of my life , will you?” And asked for hands.

Priya looked back at Vicky, he signalled to give her hands to him. Priya’s eyes swelled up in tears, she turned and ran to Vicky, hugged him.
Everyone, Raj , Anu were surprised. She cried hard hugging him and he too

7 years later..

“Hey! how long will you take vicky? come home fast I’ve been waiting for three days” adjusting her mangal sutra and bindhi priya was talking over the phone
“Hey sorry Priya, Was stuck up with work , had to extend three more days over there, I’m at the emigration board will be there in an hour”

“Mamma” cried a cute female voice.

“Ok come fast” she disconnected and went to check with her child.

2 hours later, Vicky very tired entered home. No one seemed to be there. He went to the first floor and saw a cute beautiful bubbly 5 year old girl sitting on the sofa,

“Hey Rajya, cutie! Where’s mamma?”

Without a reply those small hands pulled him to the balcony in the back facing lawn.
There stood a newly built baket ball court

“Happy birthday uncle!” screamed Rajya. He kissed Rajya and looked down. Another cute 6 years old, breaked,
“Happy birthday Pappa” holding Anu’s saree. Beside them stood Priya, folding hands, smiling at him. And next to her was Raj.

At once he jumped from the balcony and ran to Priya.

“Happy birthday to my bestestestestestesteest……. friend anyone ever had in this world...
How about a match?? Let’s see how much our captain is upto now?..
“ Oh yeah!! Come lets see” vicky bounced the ball .. with the kids cheering both of them were playing.

“I sometimes feel jealous of these friends” she laughed.
Raj continued, “It all started with a diary to find her soulmate and she finally did it.
Soulmates are always never life partners, they can be friends, siblings or sometimes other relatives too”. 

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