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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Sorcerer’s Prophecy

Sorcerer’s Prophecy

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Once open a time, there was prosperity all around in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Amy was fifteen at that time. Amy was living in heaven with her mother. They used to wash their hair together. The bonding between Amy and father and mother was strong. The father used to bring fresh vegetables from the market. Mother used to cook delicious food for everyone in the family.

Everyone was happy. There was a well outside the city. People thought it as sacred as there a talking frog resided. It used to comment on the girls who were filling up their pot from the well. The father always wore simple clothes, just dhoti, and kurta.

The house, father, and daughter lived was not so much fancy but it was a home. It had two rooms, large enough to occupy five more people. It was surrounded by plants and weeds. Father used to cut the weeds but due to his wife’s ill condition, he was not able to do. It was colored in red and yellow shades.

“Is Mom going to die, dad?” Amy asked her father.

“No, my child, she will be in deep sleep forever.” Her father consoled her.

Everything was going but, recently, Amy’s mother died. She felt as if she lost her arm. She began to cry every day and night. She wanted relief from grief as the lotus wanted a water drop on it, to become more attractive. She was not able to work. She wanted her mother so bad. Her father sensed the void and thought to marry again for his daughter’s sake. The father knew he had to do something fast.

“Are you okay, my child? If I remarried,” Father asked Amy.

“Dad, I am fine with it. I also need a mother, who could stand with me,” Amy said to her father.

After two years approximately, the father met a girl and in the first meeting, he liked the girl very much. The father remarried. For a while, everything was going perfectly. Amy liked her new stepmother and, in a few months, the girl succeeded in making a bond with new mother.

Then a sorcerer came into the village. He looked like a hippie but he had had magical powers. The sorcerer used to chant “Om Dhum”. He wore clothes of someone else’s. He could tell anyone’s future. He showed them many tricks. Everyone was happy to see him in Meerut. However, the sorcerer told the future of Amy and everyone laughed at it.

He said, “This girl will marry a frog and no one could help her now.”

He left but his presence left a very mark on everybody’s mind. He knew what he said. He knew his prophecies would be true. None could do something about it. The father was sad.

Stepmother was happy. Father stopped the sorcerer and asked, “Please, tell me, what I can do about my daughter.”

“I can’t do anything else. Those words were from God not from me. Your daughter will marry a frog.”

As the time passes, the bond of three grew stronger but stepmother was unhappy. Together they visited New Delhi, Agra, and Shirdi. They enjoyed a lot. However, the tensions between the stepmother and daughter augmented and the three of them very happy for a time being.

Amy’s stepmother was simple in look, cruel in nature, and unsatisfied with work always. She was a homemaker but she liked to be in power in terms of home politics. Amy’s father was not a farmer but he was a merchant. Moreover, little trips were necessary. He had to go outstation for some business for about two weeks. He told the stepmother to take care of daughter very much. He also said that the daughter is so precious to him. Life is like a balloon. On father’s departure, the stepmother assured him that our daughter would be safe.

Amy’s stepmother started to abuse her, make her do all the housework. She literally abused her mind also. Amy felt very heartbroken. Earlier, her stepmother was so good to her. Finally, after so much hatred, she decided to get rid of her.

The stepmother said, “Take this strainer and fill it up with a well of the world’s end and if you fail to do so. Then, don’t come back.”

The girl went out, she questioned everyone about the way but no one seemed to help her. Finally, a little old woman told the way to the well, but she could not fill the sieve. It’s seemed impossible. Therefore, she wept a lot. She was crying endlessly. Suddenly, she heard a grousing voice, and she looked up and saw a great frog with google eyes looking at her and speaking to her.

Then, a frog came into the scene and asked, “What’s wrong?” The frog saw her crying badly.

The girl said, “How will I fill the sieve with water.”

The frog said, “If you promise me to do everything for a night, then, he will surely help.”

She agreed, and the frog told her to stop the holes with mud and clay. With that, she carried back the water. So, the girl looked about for some moss, and lined the bottom of the sieve with it, and over that she put some clay, and then she dipped it once again into the Well of the World’s End; and this time, the water didn’t run out, and she turned to go away.

The stepmother was very angry at her return with a frog. Whatever can that be; cried out the stepmother, and the girl had to tell her about it, and what she had promised the frog. Girls must keep their promises; said the stepmother and opened the door this instant.

She wanted her to never come back. She hit Amy hard because she brought a frog with her. The frog smiled and said, “I know you will keep your promise, ma’am.”

The frog made her take it on her knee, give it some supper, and take it to bed with her. In the morning, the frog insisted her to chop off its head. When she did, it was changed into a handsome prince. The stepmother was surprised when she found the young prince instead of the frog, and she was not pleased. The prince told the stepmother that he would marry her stepdaughter because she unspelled him. They married and went away to live in the bigger and crazy look house of the prince. Prince’s father had to console the stepmother that it was all through the prophecy of the sorcerer that the Amy would marry the nasty frog.

The stepmother was even angrier, but the prince married the girl and took her home.

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