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Varnika Dixit

Abstract Fantasy Children


Varnika Dixit

Abstract Fantasy Children

Sofia's Kingdom of Atlantis

Sofia's Kingdom of Atlantis

3 mins 234 3 mins 234


1. Jasmine 

Power- Can Dance in water 

2. Belle

Power- Can cure/ Repair anything/Anyone

3. Ariel

Power- She could turn into a human without the belt

4. Cindrella 

Power- She could talk to fishes

5. Snow-White

Power- She could make friends with even her enemy

6. Tiana

Power- She is best at making hairstyles

7. Aurora

Power- She can faint anyone

8. Sofia

Power- Best in sports 


Deep under the sea of Atlantic ocean there was a hidden kingdom of Mermaids. Aquamaria was owned by Queen Maria and king Bluster. The mermaids of the kingdom lived peacefully but the king had a problem. He was unhappy because he couldn't find the golden belt. He had promised his father that he will find it one day, but before that his father died. 

The golden belt- This belt is very powerful and can give legs if any mermaid wears it. 

His 8 daughters; Cindrella, Snow-White, Sofia, Ariel, Tiana ,Belle, Jasmine and Aurora promised him that they will find the hidden belt. The 8 princesses were very wise and had magical powers. 


The 8 sisters also had a school. But they only had sports period, like playing Tail ball, Protecting Aquatic life, Riding on a sea horse, keeping a pet fish etc. Sofia was the best in sports. Ariel had a secret that only she and her father knew, she had a god gift that she could also turn into a mermaid whenever she wants. On 10th April is princess jasmine's birthday. All were doing the decoration of the castle. Till then Snow-White and Jasmine were looking at the view of out side how the human world looked.


It was Birthday Time!! Jasmine cheered,'' Wow! I love this decoration. I am very happy. But dad, where is my gift?'' Bluster replied,'' Oh! Your gift. Your gift is that you and your sisters will go to Atlantis to find the golden belt. After 5 days you all can leave but before that I would give you some information about that magical world.'' Jasmine was excited. The king continued,'' So, the information is that in that kingdom, there are small baby little mermaids called Chibi(s). The girls partied and started their preparation. 


Few days later-

''Tiana, Tiana!! Come here I need your help. My hair is Tangled.'' Tiana made her a very beautiful hairstyle, It was the day to go to Atlantis. All were ready. Cindrella was the leader of the journey because she was eldest of all. 3 Hours later-''Yay! Finally.'' Belle cried. One of the chibi welcomed them. Liza was a very brave and sweet girl Chibi. The 8 sisters played alot with all chibis and Jasmine danced. Rapunzel told about their Aquamaria.   


Aurora explained their reason why they visited them. Everyone entered the dark and dense cave. Liza's pet jelly-fish glowed to give them light. Then everyone saw two big sharks protecting the belt. The sharks were poisonous. It was impossible to kill them. Aurora fainted the two sharks. They saw the belt was damaged. Rapunzel used her powers and fixed the belt. But the belt was still not working!! It needed password. Sofia saw a rolled paper down near the rock, she picked it up and lo!! it was a riddle- I have 5 corners. I am in the space but in this case, see in front of your face 

Sofia jumped,'' A star fish! 5 corners, up in space, hey see there. It's near the wall cave.'' The starfish spoke,'' Wow! You all have successfully got the belt. Wear it on. And yes, Sofia, now this kingdom is yours. I mean you can come here for free with your sisters without exchange of money.'' Everyone was happy and went their way back home.  

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