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Sleep An Important Part Of Women's Life

Sleep An Important Part Of Women's Life

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Good morning dear friends today again I would like to draw your attention to problems faced by women.

Women tend to suffer from many health disorders

Few I would like to list down here 

Sleep Disorders



Bipolar Disorder


When I write this topic down I feel pained. Because a couple of relatives suffer from this health issue.

So here I am writing down my views never with an intention to offend anyone

Sleep is a very important part of our life

There are many ailments that get cured with sound sleep.

I know a couple of girl children and women who don't get sound sleep at night due to several tensions related to their personal and professional lives.

Hence we as a society must encourage women who need to get sound sleep.

I know this is a controversial topic but sleep is very much required to cure many ailments.

A sound sleep releases all tensions and keeps women fit and fine

Today If I am able to work and support my office it is thanks to my office who gives me a balanced workload and thanks to my doctor who gives me apt medicines.

You might feel why this lady talking like this but my dear friends' sleep is very much important. Many great Psychologists and Psychiatrists advise women to work, serve family, office, and also sleep to remain fit and healthy.

So please I am requesting for kindness and compassion to be shown towards women. Please take my views in the right spirit.

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