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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Sadhana sriram



Sadhana sriram




8 mins 545 8 mins 545

It was pouring like all the buildings would melt and the RWH(Rain water harvesters) along with the drains would overflow. I was wearing my mother’s jacket, as I had caught one of the most terrible fevers ever. After finishing the drink I went upstairs to my room, laid down tucking myself in. Then when I woke up, I found myself in a barren land. I was wearing a white and blue frock and realised that I had a severe neck pain. But that did not matter to me because my mother came up. She really did not look like a solid human, looked semi gaseous form. At least she was there, right!?!

No. Wrong. As she walked she turned into a …….something…….. with a flappy wings, big fangs and large eyes. As it came near, it got angry and became more gaseous. When it came to eat me it just….well, went POOF. Oh. My .God. Well, that just happened. I am completely relieved and also not panicky (being sarcastic). Then I saw I that I was in the middle of a pathway, which connected the city and the forest. I was so confused!!?? What would you have done if something had happened???? Well after that I got of the bed and the bed disappeared. That’s great. Then I just kept staring at the city untill a boy of my age was walking towards me. Well, obviously I waved so that I could at least know where I was and it would always be better to at least one person in that completely unknown – absurd looking – extremely colourful – skull structured building – weird city. Right?? Yeah, I mean I guess that it would be the right thing to do. Well, the look on his face made me calm.

He smiled and said, “Hello”. I wished back and asked, “May I know where I am? I am kind of stuck here.” Then the whole ’HAPPY’ look on his face disappeared. He had grey eyes was wearing a brown T-shirt and normal blue jeans. His eyes were so cold that it almost turned black at that time. By the look of his face I could feel the the amount of thoughts running in his mind.

Then he asked “Did things go poof before?” after studying me carefully. Yes and how do you know that? “ . “ then you are her!!!!!the one in white and blue,who will first see you ,and with that she shall find what she seeks ,from the deep blue seas.!!!!!” He said with amazement. “Oooooookayyy!” I said understanding EVERY SINGLE WORD!!(still being sarcastic)!!! “What exactly happened here before you saw me?”, he questioned. “Why should I believe you and answer? “. “Well first I am the only one know to you here – -“ . “ How do you know that?”, I questioned. “ I shall explain later, but remember I may be able to help you if you trust me”, said the boy. “Don’t you still believe me, remember you have no choice”. He asked him hopping that I would open out. Well, since I had no other option I agreed to talk to him realising that I had nothing to lose. He invited me to his house which was in the jungle.

As I followed him I felt good vibes, feeling safe walking through the creepy woods with creepy crawlies following a boy whom I hardly knew. I just then realised that I did even know his name. Waking up all of a sudden I asked for his name as he screamed out JASON. He also said that we were walking through a place called SKULL CANDY. “OH!! Isn’t that the brand which sells headphones with orange skull as their symbol?”, I asked as we walked looking at him as he asked whether I was from the blue planet EARTH.

He stopped walking, froze, gazing at the wild in silence where all that I could hear was the voice of the river and the cry of lizards. “Are you O-Okay?” , I asked. “ Yep. Just….mmmm..nothing, hey we are almost here” , said Jason as we arrived at the wooden house with an outdoor pool and swing. It looked so beautiful that my jaw almost dropped down. But, I consciously kept it closed with eyes wide open. Then, someone came out of the house. She was wearing a purple shirt, tucked into a black jean with black hair and brown eyes. Jason called out, “ Violet, meet our guest …….”. “ Aria, nice to meet you Violet.”

“She is my sister. Well my twin.” He said as she ran down and gave me one tight hug. “Vio , please don’t kill her .” he said giving me the pity look. “oh!! Right….” She said with a slightly embarrassed look in her face.” Nice to meet you too Aria.”. “ She might be the prophecy holder” he said quietly. “ Oh right! White and blue….wait, doesn’t she look like Malice in the under land?” “Alice in the Wonderland you mean:” I corrected, also only then had I realised that. I was wearing that frock thingy, black cut shoes with buckles( the ones that I preferred), black hairband and my hair was let free. It was true that I looked like Alice…. “yeah right!! That. We’re from earth too.” She said guessing from me correcting her. “ but we got stuck here and we now live with our fairy skull mother.”. “Fairy god mother you mean” I said. “No. Its fairy skull mother.”

She corrected and I understood what she meant after an old grandmother SKELETON came outside. She took one good glance at me and said “Jason ……. Is she a real human? Wait….. is she the chosen one???” after Jason explained everything, we went inside and I had told them everything after skull mother had gone to the city for some work . But before going she said,’’ all the best to all of you. You are going to need it.’’. Then we decided to go to the orchid garden and it seems to be the place where the oracle lives ….no dies….. no, no, no, where it resides. So we packed some peanut butter sandwich, took skull mother’s boat after leaving a note for her. Hey explained that I'd have to go home by sunset or else I will have no choice but to stay there.

Well, now I’m officially scared. As we hot down the stream violet said ‘’that’s the sunflower meadows, bell forest, ahh…here we are. Orchid garden”. We arrived and as we anchored the boat the gloomy and sad flowers went straight up and when I mean straight up, they were floating up. We walked through the garden and stopped at the big banyan tree. The ONLY big banyan tree. Violet told me to place my hand on the tree and so did I. but, after I took my hand out, there was an impression with a blue glow on it. I was quiet surprised. Then a scroll showed up saying

‘Reach for the skies

Where birds shall fly

Then you shall you see,

Where you need to be’.

There was a feather pen. “ sign” , said Jason. I did so and then he told me head to AQUA. Apparently aqua was the name of the sea. The sea was the deepest one in the whole place. Then as we unanchored the boat and took our seats Jason said, “Aqua Ocean”. The river started to flow with great speed the boat took flight and flew along the course of the river. Then we stopped suddenly, in front of a magical portal. The boat took us in and there was a splash giving us all a jerk as the boat landed on the Ocean. With eyes filled with fear and body trembling due to the chill that I felt in my spine, and I remembered what I saw before meeting Jason- my MOM, the big weird monster. “don’t think of any –“ said Jason. ‘TOO late “, I replied as all three of us saw the big monster. The same one with the big floppy wings, big gangs, and large eyes. “EQULOPIA! Don’t hurt anyone”, shouted Jason.

She flew, screeched and tried to grab me. “Raise your hand”, cried Violet. “Your weapons shall arrive”, said Jason. As he saw me raise my hand, a big blue sword appeared out of no where.AT that point of time I barely understood anything. I was I a random place called SKULL CANDY with twins who had a fairy SKULL mother and now I am facing an evil monster whose name I couldn’t pronounce properly. But then I cleared all the thoughts. As I grabbed the sword I started to fly. SLASH SLASH SLASH-----!!!!!!! I slashed through the body of that ……………thing. disappeared. IT was almost time for dusk.

I got down gently realising that I was a sore thumb because I knew nothing about the MAGIC happening here. Jason said, “it’s time”. “Yes, I should leave”, I replied. “yes, you shall, because the last time somebody did not leave as soon as they killed their monster resulted in two incidents. The escorts died and the fighter had to stay here, the fighters of last time were US”. “Raise your sword”, said Violet.

As I raised I started to fly. I went really high and this time I door appeared out of nowhere. As the door opened, it had just two steps leading down. The place was extremely bright. I turned to my new friends and said, “BYE”.I turned back and took two steps. ‘RRRIIIINNNGGGGG’, I jumped. I jumped out of my bed with my neck still hurting me. What had happened??!!! Was all that just a dream??!!! Did nothing ever happen!?!I looked at my pillow which had a big bump in the middle, making me curious, leading me to run my finger under the pillow looking for a torchlight or something. Instead I found a SKULL…


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