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Sex Me - An 18+

Sex Me - An 18+

19 mins

Sofia and Lola walked into the Ciara's class as they approached her.

"Hey Babe!" Lola said as she patted her hair.

"How are you doing?" Lola asked as she sat close to her.

"I'm good and you?" She answered as she stared at them suspiciously.

"What's going on here? You got anything to tell me?" She asked as they stared at each other.

"Will someone say something?"

"Um... Well! Sofia got something to tell you" Lola said pinching Sofia.

"Okay, fine! Greg wants you to come over to his place!" She dropped the bombshell.

"What?! His place? How many times have I told you girls that am ain't gonna visit Greg or any guy in school?"

"Look, Ciara! Greg needs you by his side, he's I'll, seriously I'll and deserve great care"

"Really? Well... Sorry to burst your bubble, I am not ready to go to his place, I mean, I'm not going anywhere with you girls!"

"Okay, fine! We'll go with you okay? We're going there together" Lola said as she touched her cheek.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah, Babe!" Sofia replied smiling and Ciara smiled too.

"Okay, Girls! We all set to Greg house after school, Deal?" Lola said excitedly.

"Deal!" Sofia replied excited too, they both stared at Ciara who didn't say a word.

"Huh?" They both said and she smiled.

"Deal" she said in a weak tone.

"Okay then, catch you later, Babe!" Sofia said as they waved her goodbye.

She just sat down there staring at the board.

"Boring class!" She said out of breath as she rested her head on her desk.


Ciara climbed down the stairs hurriedly when she ran into Lola and Sofia.

"Hey, Where are you hurrying off to?" Sofia asked.

"Home!" She said as they stared at her.

"You don't remember anything?" Sofia asked her staring deeper.

"What?" She asked confused.

"We are going to see Greg today remember?"

"Oh!" She didn't even think of it, she almost forgot, she laughed.

They discussed along side with each other as they strolled down the school street.

"So... What kinda sickness is he suffering from?" Ciara asked as the two girls stopped to look at each other for a while.

"Don't tell me you don't know" She smiled halfway looking at them not believing her eyes.

"No Ciara, don't see it that way, it's just...

A car pulled up right in front of them.

"Oh-oh! It's my mom, sorry, I can't go with you girls today, maybe next time" She started approaching the car.

"But Ciara... You can tell her that...

"Sorry but I can't lie to my mom!" She said stopping and turning back.

"We are not saying you should like to her...

"Should I tell her the truth then?"

The two of them stared at her for a while.

"Good-bye Girls!" She waved them as she got close to the car, her mother wound down the glass.

"Hey, Girls!" She greeted them.

"Hi, Mrs Ann" They both answered .

"Would you like me to drop you off?"

"No, Mrs Ann, we're okay!" Lola said.


"Yes, Mrs Ann!" They both chorused.

"Okay then, see ya tomorrow" She said as the car leapt into life.

"She's so naughty!" Lola said

"You don't blame her, she's still a baby"

"Baby my foot! She's our agemate, Sofia!" Lola said angrily as she walked on.

"Hey Lola, Don't be stupid!"

"Whatever! Greg is gonna be mad!"

"Tomorrow is another day" Sofia sang as she ran to catch up with her.


"So, how was your study today in class?" Ann asked her.

"Okay, mom" she looked out of the window.

"Ciara..." Her mother called to her softly. "You had a fight with your friends?"


"You sound cold!" She yelled.

"I'm okay, mom!" She said angrily as her mom stared at her suprisingly.

"Ciara!" She yelled as she slowed down the pace of the car and drove into the garage. "You're behaving strange and reacting unnecessarily, I don't get it!"

"You're not the one who is allowed to react to things, mom!"

"But you're bahaving stra...

"You've always got nothing right, mom!"

"Ciara... She called softly.

"Ciara..." She called softly

"Just let me be, mom" She said as she quickly alighted from the car.


"Ann!" She screamed as she stopped and watched her mother closely walk up to her.

"You were not like this when you left for school this morning"

"I'm sorry, mom! I just need some quiet" she ran inside the house and up the stairs to her room.

"Ciara...." She heard her mom call out to her, she quickly shut the door.

Her mother followed suite and ran upstairs too.

"Ciara, open the door, please!" She knocked on the door as she turned the door knob and was sure Ciara had locked it from inside.

"Hey! Open the door, okay?" She stood there for some minutes and yelled all the time but all to no avail until Hudson comes running up to her.

"Mom, what's wrong with Ciara?"

"I have no idea but I'm sure she must be shedding tears now!" She heaved a sigh.

"Dont worry, mom, I'll handle it" Hudson wanted to knock on the door when she held him back.

"Hudson...." She held his hand.

"She's your little sister, you know how to talk to her" She said and felt like crying.

"Yeah, mom!" He knocked on the door again.

Ann climbed down the stairs.

"Ciara dear, open the door" He could hear her sobbing from inside.

"Ciara, my love! Open up please!" He pleaded and leaned against the door.

"This is not right, Ciara!" He whispered but to her hearing.

Suddenly, the door burst open and he almost gave way to the ground and she shut the door.

"Ouch!" He yelled "That would have really hurt a lot!" She walked past him and sat down on her bed.

"I don't care!" She said as he too, sat down with her.

"Ciara..." He started slowly.

"You shouldn't be doing all this!"

"What am I doing?"

"This is all about Greg, right?"

"I don't know!"

"See... I know he's the reason behind this, you don't like him but you do" She turned to look at him. "Yeah, you kinda do" She looked away.

"Give him a chance and let him....

"Have sex with me?" SHE YELLED.


"Have sex with me?" SHE YELLED.

"Yeah, Sist!" She looked at him in awe.

"Like seriously?"

"Sex is the most sweetest thing ever as long as it's done real, you need to give it a try, Dearie!" He said as he heaved a sigh. "Kissing, caressing, romancing, fingering, blow job, giving heads and having sexual intercourse is the best thing that can ever happen to you, Ciara"

"But, what about my...

"I lost my Virginity at 16 and I never regretted it, I know you won't either"


"Ciara, go for it!" He smiled and she smiled too.

"You won't regret it... Remember it's the sweetest thing ever!" He laughed silently as she stood up.

"I think I love Greg"

"No..." He smiled "You shouldn't think you do, you know you do" he said as she ran towards the door, opened it and down the stairs, she went!

Her mother saw her run past and called out to her.

"I'm fine, mom, I'll be back soon!" She shouted as she ran outside the compound, she took a taxi and off she went!


Ciara punched the door bell as it rang!

"Hi!" She greeted Greg who had come to see who was at the door.

"Hey... What a pleasant surprise, Ciara!"

"Yeah, I decided to come by since I learned you are sick"

"Oh! Yeah, I'm seriously ill" He laughed pretensiously, she knew he was just playing tricks but didn't care, she was already there.

"Oh sorry, my bad! Come in" She walked into the house.

"Your parents at home?"

"Nope, home alone, they all went to the movies"

"Oh, I see!"

"Yeah, sit"

"Thanks" she said sitting on one of the sofas.

"So... What will you like to have?"

"Nothing, I'm fine"

"Sure?" He asked as she nodded affirmatively.

"Alright then, so... What's next?" She laughed and he laughed too.

"I don't know! I..." She stared at him and he sat close to her.

"Ciara!" He called to her


"Can I kiss you?" She nodded, he drew closer to her and kissed her softly brushing her lips with his.

"I love your lips, Babe!" He said as he plugged his mouth into hers, he kissed her so deeply and passionately that they both fell to the floor.

They laid there caressing and kissing each other.

In a meantime, he grabbed her boobs and squeezed them and she screamed, he stopped.

"Why did you stop?"

"You screamed, it hurts right?"

"Yeah but it's kinda interesting"

She replied as he continued squeezing her boobs and also kissing her.

"I love you Greg!" She screamed.

"I love you too, Ciara!" He whispered into her ears as he moved to pull of her dress, he then removed her pant and started to li*k her clitoris, he then sucked and licked her for a long time.

She moaned as she held his head pleading for him to continue, she was so lost in fantasy of the joy his soft lips gave her.

After he was through, he moved to finger her, he slid his finger into her and started f**king her with it, she moaned and groaned throughout, she could feel her temperature rising now, inside her was getting hotter and she felt like she was about to cum, she cried out in pleasure.

"You cummed baby!" Greg said as he laughed, she just laid down there smiling.

She remembered what Hudson had told her earlier and she was glad she had listened to him.

Greg began to remove his shorts and when he did, she was shocked at what she saw.

His manhood had stood erect and was pointing at her.

"That's big!" She yelled.

"Yeah, you like it?" He stroked it as he opened her legs, he wanted to insert it inside her when he noticed the discomfort in her face.

"Are you scared?"

"Yeah, I've heard it hurts!"

"It won't if I'm careful, you'll enjoy it!" He said as he pushed into her, he pushed in and out very slowly, he repeated it severally and she felt her body vibrate, she needed it, she needed more, he pushed in and out once more and this time, he went too deep inside her and she screamed.

"Calm down, okay?" There was blood already, he had broken her hymen and she was really happy too.

This time, he went slow that she felt she haf needed more than that! The joy and fantasy it had given her was not enough, she felt the surge of blood rise up inside her veins and she begged him for more.

"SEX ME!" She screamed. "Please go faster and deeper, Pound harder" She yelled.

"Yeah, baby!" He replied as he went hard at her, he pounded her that she cried out.

He continued pounding until he felt he was about to cum and he quickly pulled out of her.

He breathed a sigh of relief and she did too.

He smiled at her and she smiled too.

"Did you like it?"

"No" She frowned. "I loved it!" He smiled and smacked her on the face playfully.

"Silly girl!"

"Naughty boy" She said as she quickly got up.

"Its getting late, I gotta go now" She went to the bathroom to clean herself up while he moved to clean up the mess.

In no time, she came out and quickly dressed up.

"Guess we'll do this again?" He walked up to her as he kissed her.

"I don't know what that was but I wouldn't regret doing it again" She said as she hugged him and walked out of the house.

She moved along their street, she just couldn't get what had transpired off her head, she remembered what she said when she begged Greg to f**k her. "SEX ME" She laughed.



Mr Robbinson walked round the classroom when he sighted something on the floor, he wore his glasses and looked closer, and Book! It was a pack of condoms!

He looked round the class once more and noticed the students are focused on their books, copying from the board.

"Who would have dropped this?" He thought as he bent down to pick it.

"Mr Robbinson" Piper called out to him with a soft voice and he jumped up immediately, he was standing behind everyone in class at the back so no one noticed.

"What are you doing?" She asked and stared at his hand. "You're holding a condom!" She yelled in a whispering tone.

"Shh!" He used his index finger to cross his lips.

"Why should I?

"Because it's none of your business!" He said as he wanted to walk away.

"Look here, it's either you're using that on me or you forget your job!"

"What? Are you crazy?"

"You're the one who's crazy, picking condoms in class?" She said as she smirked.

"Okay, so what do you want?"


"Like seriously? A young girl like you want sex?"

"What should a matured man like you be doing order than picking condoms?"

"I see... Smart mistress!" He smiled.

"So... How do you want it?"

"In your office!"

"What? Are you crazy?

"If you should ask me that question one more time, am gonna yell and tell the whole school I caught you picking condoms that fell from your pocket in class"

"Not from my pocket!"

"Who wanna hear from you?"

"Okay fine!

"Yeah, after school today!" She said as the bell was rung, she picked up her bag, winked at him and walked out of the class, he stared at her back until she was gone.

"What arrogance, I'm sure she's just 16" He said as he kept the pack in his pocket.

"See you students, tomorrow is another day, make sure you do your homework and don't play too much! Yeah, see y'all... Ouch!" A student had kicked his leg "Hey you! Come back here" He yelled as the boy ran off laughing.

"Stupid boy!" He said angrily going to his office.

He turned the knob of the door as it cracked open, he entered and was suprised to see Piper sitting on his chair.

"You?" He asked shocked.

"Yes, me!" She answered rolling her eyes.

"What are you doing here?"

"If you should ask me that one more time, I'll make you regret ever picking condoms" She said angrily.

"Okay, I'm sorry but don't you think this is not the right place to do this?" He said as she stared at him without saying a word, he noticed. She was not in the mood to talk and he knew it and heaved a sigh.

"So... What are we saying?"

"Lets get started!"

"How old are you?"

"Stop asking questions and get your balls here" He stared at her with his mouth agape. She stood up and walked up to him, she loosened his belt and pulled his trousers.

"Ooh...! That's huge!" She exclaimed as she smiled and bent down, she took it into her mouth as she sucked him.

"Oh..." He moaned "Wonderful!" He smiled and he held her hair and fastened her movements, he felt like cumming and when he tried to tell her to stop, she refused! And when he did, she took the whole gulp down her throat, he was suprised!

He looked down on her and she smiled.

He carried her on the desk, opened her legs wide, she wasn't even wearing pants, he looked at her and she gazed back at him.

"Seem quick, huh?" She asked him and he smiled.

It seems he had underrated the girl all these while, he was going to show her, he was capable of doing more than what she was expecting from him.

He bent forward to suck her too.

He sucked and caressed her clitoris with his tongue and it made her feel amazing, he did it in an awesome way that she came easily, on his face and he took it down also, just like she had done earlier.

"You love it huh?"


She took off her top and let him suck and massage her boobs for some time, while doing that, he was busy fingering her with two of his fingers.

She felt like she was in heaven at that point, she couldn't control it but scream out loud, Not in pains but in excitement.

He carried her again and okaced her on his chair, he knelt in front of her and held her butt, he held his huge c**k and shoved it inside her, he Fu**ked her for a very long time, then he lifted her and placed her on the floor, spread her legs wide and went into her, he also pounded her for ages, he felt like he was going to cum, he stopped for a sec and turned her to face him, in order for her to ride him and she did, she rode him like no one had before.

He was feeling so hot now that he turned her to the floor again, spread her legs and went deep inside her, pounding severally, he did it twelve times and he finally came hard but poured inside her.

"Wtf!" He yelled "I'm sorry"

"No worries! I'll take a pill once I get home!" She said as he smiled.

"What a smart girl"

"You're smarter!" She said as she got up, dressed up and walked towards the door. "Thanks for the fu*k!" She smiled as she walked out.

"Sure, welcome" He said tightening his belt. "What a fu*king bitch she is!" He said as he laughed to himself.


Piper walked along the hallway, she just wished she could get out before anyone sees her, she fastened her steps.

"Hey! Fuck girl" She heard a voice from behind but didn't recognize it, she turned and saw it was Barry.

"Barry? What do you want?" She asked astonished.

"Suprised?" He asked as she turned away. "So... You got what you wanted right?"

"Barry, look, you need to stop this!"

"Stop what?" He yelled grabbing her hand.

"What are you doing?" She tried to struggle with him.

"Just shhh!" He covered her mouth and pulled her away.

They were now in the school restroom.

"Now listen to me! You'll give it to me hard or I post the video?"

"Video? What video?"

"Fool, this!" He showed her a video of her and Mr Robbinson making out on his phone.

"What? I'm doing nothing with you" she snapped.

"Really? Do you know how hard I got when I was busy filming this?

"I don't care?"

"Good then, you'll see yourself on the screen at the school cinemas tomorrow then!" He wanted to leave.

"Wait! I..." She eyed him "I'll do it!" She wanted to undress.

"No need for that, baby! Just aquuckie will do" He said as she knelt down and was on all fours.

He quickly unfastened his belt and pulled his trousers down.

He shoved his C**k roughly into her and began Fu*king her, she wondered what was wrong with him? How he would just fuck her like that without romance first. She wasn't even in the mood . He continued pounding harder and she begged him to stop but he didn't listen instead he continued with his deep thrusts and whenever she tried to stop him, he hits her like an animal and she could cry out and when she thought he was through, he would turn her around anyhow he wished, she cried and begged him to stop but all to no avail, all that was in his mind now was to finish what he had on his mind.

"Just shut up, you slut!"

"Please.... It's enough!"

"Will you shut that hole you call a mouth now or you want me to shut it for you?" He said as he pulled her hair that she screamed out loud.

He heard footsteps coming towards the restroom and he quickly finished up and fastened his belt to his trousers.

"Now, listen to me!" He held her neck "As far as I am concerned, the video is still with me and you don't want it to get leaked so you'll be giving me more of this, okay?" She shook her head and he tightened his grip and she screamed.

"Yeah" She said out of breath.

"Good! Now go!" He released her and let her walk through the door first before he would.

When he saw that she was gone, he came out when someone pushed him back inside, she also entered and shut the door.

"Hey Barry!

"Miss Laura? What are you doing here?"

"Shh!" She placed a finger in his lips "I want you to make me cum"


"You see... I know you don't want your grades to suffer and that girl...."

His eyes widened and she chuckled "Yeah, I saw everything but I won't tell only if you make me cum"

"Anyways, I..."

She laughed? "Well.... Mister, I actually let's get to it!" She exclaimed as she took off her dress which exposed her small tits and pantie.

She walked towards him and kissed his lips softly.

"Come on, baby! SEX ME" She said as she drew him close to herself.

He plugged his mouth to hers and began to kiss her, he held her breasts and began to caress them, in no time, he was already inside her fucking the hell out of her.

"Yeah, baby?" She exclaimed again as he pushed harder and harder and harder, she screamed and held his head tight kissing and rubbing his hair all the time.

"You're sweet, baby" He said to her as he continued pounding her so hard that he came hard and quickly pulled out of her.

"Ouch!" She screamed as she laughed out loud, she was fully satisfied and she could see it written on his face too, he was indeed happy.

"You enjoyed it?"

"Yeah, Miss, I did!" He smiled and she smiled too.

They heard the door knob turn and they stared at the two figures standing in front of them, Roy and Oliver!

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