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One fine Sunday evening, you felt annoyed to get out of that mesmeriser post your afternoon nap.You have chores to do. Yet, you don’t wanna break the comfort given by the mesmeriser to your soul’s temporary habitat. Suddenly you heard a loud thump. Irritatingly, you are on your way to open the door to let them in, who is knocking. The noise is becoming more of thunder’s noise. Fear trapped in you. Instead of opening the door, you are trying to peep through the window. You saw many personnel who seem to be in dark dress. You are not able to identify who are they. Unfortunately you are alone in your home. All of your inmates left you for a function. Your mind shatters with you, many more thoughts to escape. But, the reality is you are trapped. You are trying to find a place in your home. Sweat drops from your face. You are searching. You are searching. There you find a place. Suddenly door broken. All of them are coming in. You hide before they saw you. You are praying God to rescue you. An idea germinated. You called the Girls rescue helpline number 181 which you could recollect somewhere from your memories. You are not able to speak up with them since your sound will unravel you to the enemies. You might be really lucky, other person on the phone didn’t cut the call but listening eagerly. Heed all his concentration on the phone to listen the voice which is at far and breath of a girl which is at a faster rate.

He could guess the situation and asks tracking person who is nearby to track the phone number. They are able to get the location. Without knowing how many personnels, this gentleman makes his way to the destination. Before his arrival into the scene, the girl is caught. She was forcefully pushed to the ground and tied her hand with the nearby pillar. She couldn’t move anymore. They are asking some information. But all she could here is long sound. She is not able to understand what they are seeking. Interrogation goes on. Meanwhile our Hero arrived. After viewing the number of soldiers,he thought of waiting for some time to be able to accomplished them. He is observing keenly. It seems, he is one such person who knows to read others thoughts. Once he able to understand the situation, that the man in dark dress no longer has the patience and he is taking the sword to make a mark on her. He rushed to stage of drama to defend her by his sword against him. "No, the fight started”. He made a mistake by starting the fight before some of his fellow fighters arrival. Definitely, by being a kind man, he doesn't have any other choice to choose. He is facing the consequences for his choice. Blood is coming from every mark made by his opponent. Then the massive stroke by one such opponent from behind. He stands still and his consciousness is slowly fading away. Before he fell onto the ground, his fellow soldiers arrived. One such person jumped off the jeep, before it halts and caught his friend. Others a bit slowly came out of the jeep but fighting all other enemies. Like all success stories, this fight also ends in good way. A life has been saved, but at the cost of Real life hero’s blood.

They don’t have a holiday we usually have.

They need to protect us even during festivals while we are celebrating

If we list down each sacrifice, it will go on.

I can do one thing, by saluting to their kindness and fervour.

Kudos to all their work, shedding blood, giving justice.

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