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Leader - Known For Values

Leader - Known For Values

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Imagine you were leading a team in a popular contest.You already revealed all the rules to the team. One such rule,you should not take violence on your hand even on a grave situation arises. Game started.It was a win-win situation for both teams. In one event,one of your team members lost the game,in return,the opponent mocked at your team.

While seeing this, you also got annoyed and yelled at them. You paid the cost for losing the game not ‘cause your team member lost but,’cause of the annoyance. It seems to be a scenario in your day to day life.

We used to react to many scenarios in a bad way. But,this old man didn’t lose his temper, didn’t lose his value at every stage of his life’s assessment.

Didn’t lose the honesty - he even admit his thoughts of treating his wife as a slave in his autobiography

Didn’t lose the path of non-violence when his followers took the violence in Chauri Chaura incident

Didn’t take the power given to him, in order to live a simple life as uttered by him.

Countless to say about his values. But, it is hard to possess and practise all his values.

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