Neha Munjiyasara

Crime Thriller


Neha Munjiyasara

Crime Thriller



3 mins

A regular Monday morning. Both the hands struck 7 and lo...'Jana gana mana...' After stretching his back, Vijay Sir grabbed the register and started taking attendance.

"Class 10 A. Roll no. 1" he roared.

His husky voice and that irritating sound of the rocking chair was not unusual. Everyone was used to it. Anyways Sukhjeet raised his hand, "Present Sir." Vijay Sir continued the process.

In the end, he stood up to announce something terrifying. He said, "Aman was found hanging in his room last night. The police are investigating the case but for now, they assumed that he committed suicide as no injuries were found. He wasn't attacked. Police got nothing except his pen and his books beside him." He sounded sad and low this time.

The whole class fell silent as if they were all mourning Aman's demise. Vijay Sir turned around and wrote something on the board and spelt, "Coordinate Geometry." The sound came husky but it was intended to break the silence and get all the brains back to the studies.

Books were out. Scribbling pens filled the room with noise. 

"Ronak, Saino hai kya?" Ayush asked. Ronak asked him if he wasn't carrying it in his pocket as he always did and on denying as he said that his pen fell down from his tore pocket and he neither have any other pen nor he have another pant, Ronak lent him a pen.

The lecture ended and Khushi being the monitor of the class announced the dates of the upcoming poetry contest. Everyone was reminded of Aman at this point because from 10th A only Ayush and Aman were going to participate in it. Aman being a topper was expected to win it with flying colours.

Soon the school was ended for the day and Ronak decided to visit Aman's family for condolences. But when he came back he called Mayank and said," Hello, that wasn't suicide Mayank. I went to his home and found that the pen, the Saino in his room wasn't covered with ink and was kept on the right side."

" So what Ronak? I ain't getting your point." Mayank replied.

" Aman used to write fast and so his pens were always covered with ink and his fingers too. Secondly, he was left-handed and so he used to put his pen on the left side after writing." Ronak explained.

" Oh Ronak, you are taking it way too far. That was suicide. Police confirmed it. The case is closed now. Don't think so much about this and let me prepare for my drawing contest which is going to happen a day after the poetry contest. You know that even Ayush is taking part in this from our class. He is poor but he is damn good at drawing. I am sure that school is gonna provide him with colours for free but I need to buy it and so I am going." Mayank hung up the call aggressively.

The next morning Vijay Sir announced the demise of Mayank and said that even he committed suicide and police again found nothing but his books and his Saino.

At the same time, Ronak heard Ayush's voice. He whispered, "Ronak, I think even your pen fell from my pocket yesterday. Aur ek Saino hai kya?"

But then Khushi announced," Vijay Sir decided that from our class Ronak and Ayush will participate in the essay writing competition which is going to happen after drawing contest."

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