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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Purva Ganeshan



Purva Ganeshan


Red Blood

Red Blood

5 mins 189 5 mins 189

'When life gives you a chance, you have two options. Take it. Or leave it. But remember, you will never get it back', said Parker.

Parker was the next Nancy Drew. She had the common sense and quick-thinking to get out of any situation. Solving mysteries was her favorite past-time, but after the quirkiness of the last mystery, she was seriously considering giving up this hobby. Let us rewind to the beginning, shall we?

In the year 2019, a group of children went missing. Some citizens had claimed to have seen them appear in odd places once in a while and immediately disappear. But all the witnesses found one thing in common. They had blood-red eyes and their heads, were always, tilted to one side. Hence, they were given the name'Red Blood'.Each child was as normal as any other person on this planet could be, but their lives changed rather suddenly after the incident. The incident took place in the second week of June, which was later called the 'bloody week'.On Sunday night, Emma, a 12-year-old, the most popular girl in her grade, was returning from a party. When she reached her house, her parents noticed that there was something off about her. The next day her parents were found lying dead in the hallway, and she and her brother were found to be missing. Right next to the victims, there was a single word written on the wall-'BLOOD'.And it was written in red.

After that, the number of children whose parents were dead started to increase, and none of the children were found. And at the end of the week, the list of the names of those children who were missing was published in the newspaper-

Missing Children

1.Emma and Karl

2.Zoe and Tony

3.Patrick and Cleo

4.Stella and Joe

5.Carrie and Nick

6.Tommy and Louise

7.Tom and Mark

Parker decided that she wanted to solve the mystery. So she talked to all of Emma's friends' and Tom's friends' and so on, but all of them said that there was nothing unusual about the missing kids' behavior. After this, Parker concluded that it must have been something that must have happened after Emma left her party. Through some investigation, Parker found out that all the missing kids were walking in completely isolated areas, on the way back to their houses'.Parker decided that something big had happened, and she was determined to find out what.

Parker decided that there must have been some evidence, so she decided to check the surveillance. She saw Emma walking down the street, nothing out of the ordinary in that situation. Then suddenly, a hand with something red glittering on it, grabbed Emma and pulled her towards the camera's blind spot. After what seemed like an hour, Emma walked back into the camera's view and started walking down the street. But something was different about her-she looked like she was traumatized.

She saw the same hand pull each of those kids, and each of those kids had a weird expression on their face. Parker decided that there was some link-because it looked like these children were chosen in particular. So Parker decided that she would go to that street and see if she found any evidence. On the way, she had to pass through a market. Over there she saw her schoolmate, Carrie, but Carrie was already looking at Parker, but Carrie had an expression as if she was wondering and she looked scared at the same time. And standing next to her, was her mom. Parker had never seen Carrie's mom before, her name was Elena. She wore a diamond necklace, shiny earrings, a red ring, and blue high heels. Something about the lady struck Parker, but all that she tried Parker couldn't figure out what.

Parker went back home, after being unsuccessful at finding evidence in the lonely street. Then something clicked in her mind, the red ring that Carrie's mom was wearing was the same one that was shown on the camera. Maybe.....just maybe that could happen. Parker's intuition told her that Carrie knew about this. That's why she gave her a weird look. Everyone knew that Parker had solved many crimes. But why would Elena do this? Parker googled up Elena's name and found out that when Elena was younger, she and her brother encountered a murderous gang, that had told them that they would let them go, but their parents would be killed instead. So for her brother's sake, Elena had let them murder their parents. Parker leaned back, suddenly everything started to make sense. Elena wanted to take out her anger by doing the same to other kids. She wanted them to feel the same way she had felt. That was the link-all the missing children had a brother or sister.

Parker got Elena arrested the same day. After her arrest, Carrie returned to being the normal, loving child she always was. Carrie told Parker where the missing children were being kept. After interrogation with these children, the people found out that the kids' eyes were red from crying and malnutrition and they were forced to tilt their heads' to one side to look demented so that people thought that they were seeing the ghosts of the missing children. The children were sent to therapy and were sent to live with lovely people who agreed to take them.

Parker decided she was going to continue solving cases-because that what's most important-serving justice.

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