Rangmunch studio

Rangmunch studio

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23rd Sept. 2007- Rangmunch studio was a studio in Pune which was haunted after an incident which occurred about 21 years ago after it was set fire to by an actress and some other actors who were betrayed and got rejected instead of their talent. After that they planned to set fire to it. After that cries of those cast and crew are screaming are still heard and those people haunts the studio. Therefore everyone including actors, actresses and directors and prohibited to visit that place. Few film makers with actors, actresses crew went there for shooting but they never returned. No one is allowed to shoot there after such scary incidents, and no one dares to enter there. Voices of burnt people are still heard saying, "do something studio is burnt!"

Also people who were neighbors saw some scary images and seen someone standing in the lawn, even in other areas like near camera, they have seen some girl standing and reflection of her. A few boys' and director's spirits are seen every night. Apart from that scriptwriters getting burnt is also heard. Though they are dead but their voices, cries, screaming still haunts this place. People have seen an actress saying that what about her room it got burnt, also each and every crew saying save the studio is still witnessed by neighbors. Those who came to shoot here for new movies their camera, script suddenly got burnt and their actors and actresses saw that there was someone standing in their room and telling to leave that place soon. Suddenly 

a boy comes running saying set is burnt. Not only that, spirits of those actors and actresses discussing about shooting, and makeup, and outfits are still heard and seen. Heroes talking about their scenes, and rehearsing dialogues are still heard here though they are no more but still people can hear and see the their soul. Director talking about script and screenplay, spot boy talking about their work, and dress designers discussing about how their work will be done are still heard and their spirits are still seen, sounds of camera starting is even heard, cast of each and every movie still haunts here. Also voice of getting a film done is also heard still. Some people have witnessed very eerie presences, conversations of those celebs are still heard and spirits who are doing the conversations are still seen. There are very eerie presences of a large group of people who were part of this studio. Actresses' voices of getting an offer are still heard and their spirits are still visible to everyone. Not only that, actresses talking about their first shoot are still heard and they are still seen here. There are many people whose dreams were attached to this studio, they are still seen here though they are dead.


All areas of this place are restricted including park, and changing room. Though those people are dead in that mishap but their souls can't leave this place. Rangmunch, which was once most popular because of shooting of hit movies like Pyaar Ka Safar, Manchala, Love in park, fans used to come here to meet their favorite stars- is now finished forever.

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