My Mum My true And Best Friend

My Mum My true And Best Friend

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When I was 2 and a half-year-old my Jaundice wasn't diagnosed correctly due to which I suffered from a disease in the nerves, due to which I had extreme violent outbursts and I was called a mentally ill person with a loose screw. I wasn't accepted by people since then I was verbally abused a lot. In my adolscence I had another problem in which a person's hand becomes numb and like stone when that person has to do things quickly and one has to tell one thing a million times therefore I am able to understand that I have to keep inside before exam that is why I was accused of the crime which I never done.

Also I faced the emotional and physical bully in both 6th and 7th I wasn't allowed to avoid them I wasn't given the opportunity to take a stand for me. standard after that I suffered from a particular disease in which what I want to become, whom should I ask for, where is particular landmark venue, I should make effort, I should have a desire, if someone criticises, I should prove myself, I should, if children asks questions what I should do in both, situations, how to protect myself, I have to be thankful. I should learn from deaf, dumb and people who can't walk, I should ignore. I should become responsible, I should take care of myself, I have to support my parents.

All of these were same as dyslexia. Also I had a pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder period which has symptoms of violent outbursts, emotional outbursts. due to which my neighbors used to take interest and tried to molest me I had no one nor I got any opportunity to take a stand for me nor I had anybody to support me. After 16years I got correct diagnosis for pmdd.

Not only this I had low emotional quotient during adolescence which also has symptoms of emotional outbursts complaining, blaming others, get defeated by criticism, crying with criticism, escapism. I am very happy to get a mum like that who had a lot of patience and courage to handle that she never lost hope in me. And visited different doctors including ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic and she kept on making efforts and accepted me instead of that.

And because I had all of these she loved me the most and cared for me the most love you mum for raising such a child it needs great courage and patience.

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