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Controversial Non-Accepted Love

Controversial Non-Accepted Love

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When Nirudha entered the college, he went through ragging, so a devastated and shattered Nirudha complained to the principal. On knowing this, Seniors made an obscene MMS of her and made it viral, Nirudha was hated, ridiculed and verbally abused by everyone including people from society, members of her family, her friends. She wasn't given the opportunity to take a stand for herself nor anyone supported, therefore she got shattered. She wasn't ever given an opportunity to clarify, she wasn't ever given any job, this incident affected her reputation. Everywhere people tried to molest her, because of this many tried to take advantage of her, gave calls. After many years, a guy named Nimay heard about this and stood up for her. Nimay asked for friendship to Nirudha but she had already lost trust in people so he kept on persisting. On his persistence, Nirudha befriended him. Gradually they became friends and gave each other their contact number and started meeting each other. Then she realised that Nimay is the right person, then they fell for each other. But his family didn't accept her. Therefore they were thrown out of his house, then he bought a new house on rent for her and they started living seperately.

Nirudha now started feeling that Nimay is her strength and after losing her self respect and trust he was the only person who believed in her and listened to her.

She got her self confidence and self belief back and her whole life changed completely. And she started believing that there is someone who is with her. His understanding, love and support was the best thing she ever got in life. After that they got married to each other. Love changes everything but this love, this passion was of most different kind. Because this was the first time a girl whose obscene MMS got viral got accepted, in this society where girls and women whose obscene pictures goes viral aren't accepted by any guy nor ever gets married neither gets anyone's love, not only this, this ruins their whole reputation.

People always ridicule them, make their news and gossip about them.That is why Nimay and Nirudha's love is controversial non accepted love, as this is controversial and not accepted. Nimay was also a victim of verbal abuse

He was the hero in Nirudha's life. Love is love and this type of love isn't found anywhere.

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