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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Drashti Badheka

Abstract Drama Romance


Drashti Badheka

Abstract Drama Romance

Quest behind my mom's words

Quest behind my mom's words

3 mins

My eyes opened through a ray of yellow light, it was twenty passed six. Darsh was asleep besides me. I went out of room in search of mom. She heard me coming and called:

"how are you my dear?" she asked me with a warm hug. 

"I m fine now." I told her. 

"darsh remained here all night?" she asked with smiling face, I m copy of her without many laugh lines. She has beautiful black hair turned up as bun. 

"yeah I guess so, might he was worried about me so.. " I replied hesitantly.

"hmm...... He loves you more than he describes,..." I wasn't sure what was she talking about, she continued :

"he looks at you very differently like he will take any kind risk for you, " I was hearing her, compiling what was she trying to say. 

"like what??? " I asked. 

"like he's about to put himself in way of a bullet or something to save you." I was shocked by her vision of us, but was it really something like that. And if it is should I count myself lucky or should I be afraid of making his life at risk. 

"mom, is it good or bad?"

She smiled and told: "Child, you both are really mature and I know, you both will short things out." I smiled, but I wasn't able to get things. Darsh came down:

"M I interrupting you two?"

Mom replied by a laugh:"No my dear, come."

He came inside and sat around mom, I stood up:"I should bring something for breakfast." I asked darsh: "what should I bring for you?"

"nothing, I m fine." I nodded. I went and brought two bowls of cornflakes. We sat and eat it, while darsh went to get fresh. Afterwards I got ready for college, I worn white shirt and jeans while darsh was in black. We start a walk to school. I was thinking, was mom telling something truth? Is darsh protecting me from something? Is this dangerous? Should I be afraid for it? I was trying to find the answer for this question, and I didn't realized darsh ordered me to stop and he went to take something. I was in middle of highway and a big truck was sliding in front of me with full speed, I got no time to even close my eyes. It was so near me with no seconds. When I felt his one hand on my stomach, his breath on my face, his smell mesmerizing me, he put his other hand to stop truck. To my great surprise, it did. It was like he didn't put any strength to stop it, and amazing thing was the shape of hands made a deep hole inside truck. Was he a superhero? Or was he a real angel of mine? He was still holding me towards side of tree and looking towards my eyes, I was so in love with him. Questions tried to circle my mind, while He ordered:"don't move right now, no questions. Afterwards everything. Stay still right now, hold on tight." it was so hard to be like that with him. I closed my eyes. "are you hurt??" he asked nervously. "no, I m OK, don't worry" we still were stuck. I heard someone call ambulance. Hope I could regain my sense, I wanted to know how did he do that?

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