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Promises To Keep (Dense Woods 3)

Promises To Keep (Dense Woods 3)

2 mins

( please read the previous parts to understand the story more clearly )

After Aparna's widowed mother posed in her marriage bureau company's advertisement, dressed as a bride with her boss cum friend posing as the groom, without caring about the shame her married children would have to face in the society because of her reckless actions, Aparna's husband and in-laws' behavior began to change towards her.

When Aparna related to the respect she was losing in her husband's eyes to her mother, she simply packed her bags and shifted to the company guest house. 

Rumors began to spread that Aparna's mother was having an affair with her married boss cum friend. 

When Aparna's husband heard all these from different sources, he began to believe firmly that as Aparna had the same blood flowing in her veins and as she had supported and kept her mother in her house, somehow she supported infidelity and debauchery deep down inside her heart.

Her in-laws' loving behavior changed into taunts and insulting remarks about her mother's and her character. Her husband doubted her, having an affair with any male character in her office, from boss to peon, milkman, newspaper vendor, security person, grocery store employee, and so on went the list.

Aparna quit her job voluntarily and became a recluse inside the house to make her family members believe in her committed nature. But the hatred in their eyes and their biased opinion accusing her of faithlessness never ceased.

She began to slip into depression and considered suicide many times. But her innocent daughter Cutie's unfathomable love for her stopped her.

She even considered taking a transfer to a distant city to escape all this. But again her husband was an ideal father and her in-laws were ideal grandparents for Cutie. So she couldn't snatch her away from them.

She even considered divorce when insulting behavior became intolerable. But she hesitated because if she left her husband, the society will judge and confirm her to be characterless like her mother and her daughter Cutie would have to bear the consequences of Aparna's actions without any blunder of her own as Aparna was paying the price of her mother's sins lifelong, trying to prove constantly to everyone that she wasn't like her mother even though she had inherited the same genes...

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