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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Present Everywhere, Visible Nowhere

Present Everywhere, Visible Nowhere

6 mins 586 6 mins 586

Oh! What a disturbing sunrise. I have not even completed my sleep. My half-opened eyes stick on the pendulum and am shocked. Oh! Shit, its 12 noon. What happened to me? Isn’t there anyone in the world to wake me up? If so, I am getting lazy. Years ago, I couldn’t sleep because I had lots of work to do. Each day would start with a fresh prayer and the world needed my help. I had no rest in those days. They would share their joy and sorrow with me like a good friend. I was the savior of the world in those days. Now everyone has forgotten me. What is my fault? I want to know about that. I am going to God’s own country.

Oh, this is my land. A huge ashram can be seen by the side of a temple. People are going in that direction. “What is there?”I asked a passenger.

“That is Guruji’s ashram. He is the God of our land. If you have any problem please consult him. He has solutions for every problem. Come on, I am also going to that way”. He said.

 It was dreadful information to me and I decided to go with him. The Ashram is like a palace. A lot of luxury vehicles parked in the front and securities employed for God’s protection. “If he cannot protect himself then how can he protect the entire world?” I thought. The ashram has awesome decoration. Flowers and smoke flew around like Devlokha. All people in the ashram wear white dress. “What does it mean?” Oh, it’s a uniform of this school. What is taught in this campus? The principal of the institution sit on the golden chamber and the students are sitting on the floor like gurukulam education. The principal has a long beard, athletic body and wears a pair of specs. Does God’s eye have a low vision?

God started bathing in milk. The people are washing his leg and drinking that milk like a holy water. People are arranged in a line to tell their problem to Guruji. People are crying in front of him, for happiness. Then, they go to another counter for billing the happiness, they borrowed from him. Now it’s my turn. Am standing in front of him and he asked

“What is your problem, my son?”

“You are my problem” that unexpected answer coming from my anger.

“What? What are you saying, my child?” He was shocked at my answer.

He calls a swami and says “please take this person to my cabin. I will come soon.”

Shining stones welcomed me to the cabin and the room had a cooling effect. This God is very rich. So people are following him. Suddenly the door opened and Guruji entered. His face had lots of question marks. “Who are you? And what do you want?”

“I am God; I want my role back”

“Ha ha ha you are a God; you don’t know that I am the God of this land.”

That laugh killed me and I shouted “Shut up. Am the creator of this world.”

“Creator! Which metal did you use in your creation?”

He is ridiculing me with the questions

“I built this world with the metal of ‘Love”

“Love? It’s a useless thing in the world. I heard God is love ha haha. Love is dead Mr. God. What do you mean by love? Children killing their mothers and mother killing their children? I heard mom’s love is the greatest love in the world. The knife pierced to the hungry stomach, is it love? I am sorry I cannot agree with your love policy.”

“Ok I agree with your points but you remember that women like Mother Teresaare still alive in this world. I gave power of thinking and education to humans, but it is worthless today. What happened to the world?”

“Now this is the world of marketing Mr. God. So we market the most valuable thing in the world that’s “devotion”.

“How did you become a God?”

“Basically I am a magician then I turned my career to that of a prophet. By luck, my prophecies become true. Your educated people trust me and consider me as a God. So I take your position. Like me, lots of gods live in the different parts of the world.”

At that time my pressure rose. “I am the power. No one in the world can take my role” I said

‘That’s why you are here?’ I felt very guilty with his question.

“What is your actual problem?” he asked

“Because of you, no one wants my company. Even I have no job.”

If you don’t mind can I offer you a job?

What job?

He just smiled and calls a swami in the ashram and ordered him to bring a uniform for me. He also changed my name as Dayan swami. He took advantage of my pathetic situation. I had no other option so I signed his agreement. I have lost my identity and became a servant of my own creature. What a foolish decision I have taken.

Next day, I started my job as Dayan swami and my first duty is to serve prasad to the devotees. Everyone’s eyes hunt for a miracle. It’s a very heart breaking moment. My creatures turn to be a fool.

Bhajan is in progress, the people are more devoted to Guruji’s speech. What is the magic behind his words?

After the bhajan I go to the cabin to clarify my doubt. “What is the matter dayanji” he asked

“I have a doubt”

“Tell me”

“Why are people more devoted to you?”

“Ha ha the answer is very simple. In their busy life, they don’t have enough time to search for you. They prefer instant life where they get immediate result. So I fascinated them with my magic tricks. So-called guardian spirits exist everywhere.”

I was speechless about his answer and went out to prepare Prasad for the next bhajan.

I was disappointed about the actions of Guruji and team. They praised his godly powers and Bhramhacharya. But in the veil of darkness they gratify their sexual desires.

The very next morning, a huge group of people come to the ashram. They are afraid and women were crying stridently.

“Guruji please help us…. we lost everything. Please help”

What happened to my children?

“The atrocity of the sea has taken away our lives. Sea is angry you please stop it Guruji”

He became shocked and hid his clueless condition.

“All of you sit here and please attend this bhajan. I will take care of the angry sea”.

Then he goes to his cabin and he was so tensed.

“Oh God what will I do”

“Guruji did you call me?”

“No”. Suddenly his eyes struck on me and he started to remember something that he has lost. He took hold of my feet and started crying.

“God please help me. I don’t know how to please the sea. Please … please help”

My heart throbbed with mercy. After a long time, a person asked for my help.

“Ok I will help you. After sixty seconds the sea became cool. You go and say to your devotees”.

“Thank God. You saved me from a big hazard”. He said

“I want to say one thing to you Mr. Guruji. Man is always a man. Man cannot take God’s role. I want to go right now and you don’t forget that, I am the supreme power.”

He was ashamed to face me and he went out. At this time I learned an important lesson from this incident.

“I want to recreate this world.”

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