Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Action


Adhithya Sakthivel

Thriller Action

Police: The Saviour

Police: The Saviour

8 mins


As we all know, gangsters became a big headache to India. On such occasions, Hyderabad, a place in Telangana, became a big units for the places of gangsters. It also becomes a headache for the Hyderabad Police department especially ACP Aravinth Krishna, who has newly joined as the ACP of Hyderabad, having been transferred from Mumbai, where he served as the ruthless encounter specialist.

DGP Hari Krishna was the one who has transferred ACP Aravinth Krishna to Hyderabad, because he hoped that the latter may manage to eliminate the gangsters in Hyderabad. However, the main reason for which Hari Krishna has transferred Aravinth is in order to make him kill those gangsters, because some months back, they has brutally raped a girl and killed her.

He was unable to do anything against those mafias, because they were politically connected and linked. Henceforth, he transferred this daring and bold police officer. Right after coming to Hyderabad, the first step that Aravinth took was encounter. He starts to eliminate all the gangsters in Hyderabad and in the process also kills the brother of a gangster named Vivek Prathap Naidu, who is the most dangerous and highly influential gangster in Hyderabad.

Having lost his brother, Naidu plans to take revenge against Aravinth Krishna and vows to kill the beloved ones of Krishna. However, Aravinth is an orphan and the only one whom he loves is Neeraja, an investigative journalist working in Jagadambal Circle Journalist office.

She is indeed, very sensitive and emotional girl, who cannot afford to bear the violence and police officers. For Neeraja, she wants Aravinth to lead a happy life and expresses this to him, who agrees to marry her and gets leave permission from DGP Hari Krishna.

One of the spy of Naidu, Inspector Rajesh Reddy learns this and informs to him, who orders to his henchman to kill Aravinth as well as his love interest brutally, in order to make him realize the pains.

While the bus was heading towards Chennai, the gangsters stop the bus and kills Neeraja in front of Aravinth, who is held captive by Reddy, while he too is stabbed. When another guy named, Sai Adhithya, an orthopedic surgeon working in a hospitals of Hyderabad, tried to save the officer, those gangsters brutally killed him and throws him out of the buses.

Later on, the bus is fired and so many people dies in the bus. One of the doctors notes that, Aravinth is alive and also takes Sai Adhithya's body to the hospital.

On seeing the burnt body of Aravinth, the doctors calls Hari Krishna and informs this to him, who asks for a plastic surgery. But, the doctors says, only face transplant is possible and he is in coma. Henceforth, Hari Krishna signs for the responsibility and later on, Aravinth's face is swapped with Sai Adhithya's while Hari Krishna tells to the police department that, Aravinth is killed in the fire accident, with his love interest.

5 months later, Aravinth wakes up from his coma and finds out that, he has been given a new face with new skin. Later on, he calls Hari Krishna through phone, who tells him about the face transplant and asks him to move on with his new life, and forget the IPS life. He agrees to it.

Aravinth learns his face donor's hometown and in further, learned the details of his face donor with the help of a doctor and the next day, he leaves from the hospital to Pollachi, which is the hometown of his face donor.

There, Sai Adhithya's father, Muthu Krishnayya is waiting for the arrival of his son. He is a retired brigadier in Indian Army and their whole family has served the nation for so many years. The only sorrow in their life is, Sai Adhithya, whom they had lost before thirteen years in a bomb blasts during 2008 and are still waiting for his return right after that.

This too, was told to Aravinth by the doctor and after he goes to Muthu's house, everyone is glad to invite him. Aravinth and Sai Adhithya's father sees each other and the duo hugs. He tells to them that, he is working as a doctor in Hyderabad and a celebration is held in the house.

Sai Adhithya's childhood sweetheart Anjali, comes to his house and notices Aravinth. She is in love with Sai Adhithya since childhood and decides to use it as an opportunity to make him fall for her.

Within some days, Aravinth is touched with the hospitality and social services of Sai Adhithya's family. He now realizes that, happiness is also there rather than duty and indeed, he tells to himself recalling, how much of happiness does he could have lost in the 5 years of police services.

Later on, Anjali takes Aravinth for a car drive to Palakkad and her antics makes him touched. She tells to him that, she is studying in Medical college as a third year student in Neurological Surgery and they have a great moments.

Some times later, Anjali's brother DCP Murali Krishna comes to meet Sai Adhithya's family and he also meets Aravinth. He notices the activities of Aravinth and analyzes that he is not an doctor and indeed, in further he is suspicious when he sees him doing a planned shooting, which he used to do as a practice from IPS training.

However, this planned shooting will be done by ACP Aravinth and Murali Krishna recalls this, where he was in the IPS training with Aravinth during 2015's in Dehradun. He suspects that, the latter is Aravinth as he very well knows what happened before few months back for Aravinth and henceforth, confronts the latter.

Left with no ways, Aravinth reveals the face transplant as well as the death of Sai Adhithya to him and indeed, Murali Krishna lets this go away, because at least the family is living a happier life because of Aravinth.

One of Murali Krishna's colleague, who has a grudge against him on hearing this, informs to Inspector Rajiv Reddy in Hyderabad after taking his phone number through computer software……

Rajiv Reddy on learning this, informs this to Naidu who in turn, calls Aravinth through his phone.

"Yeah. Sai Adhithya here. Who is this?" asked Aravinth.

"How are you, ACP Aravinth Krishna?" asked Naidu.

"Naidu" said Aravinth…

"I thought that, you could have been killed. But, in turn you are lucky enough man. Got saved by a face donor. But, you know, I am coming to kill you in Pollachi. Be ready for it. At anytime anything will happen" said Naidu.

Feared, Aravinth informs this to Hari Krishna, who orders him to take this as an golden opportunity to kill Naidu and his crime syndicates making him remember, how they had killed his love interest and spoiled the lives of many women.

He agrees. After some 8 days, Rajiv Reddy gets a transfer to Pollachi while, Naidu and his henchmen comes to Pollachi with his crime groups in order to finish off Aravinth Krishna as well as his face donor's entire family, as a means to make him realize the pains.

Rajiv Reddy informs to Sai Adhithya's family that, the latter is not Sai Adhithya and indeed, ACP Aravinth Krishna, whom everyone presumed to be dead in Hyderabad. Initially, Sai Adhithya's family members shouted against him but, later on, they gives up after hearing Aravinth's emotional words to Sai Adhithya's father. They also scolds Murali Krishna for being mute after knowing the truth.

He tells to him, "Indeed, I acted as Sai Adhithya. But, only when I came to this house, I learned that life is all along other than to serve the country. We should have fun, happy life and enjoying memories. I didn't experience this for 5 years as an IPS officer and indeed, has not been able to even spend a time with my lover due to which, I was been unlucky to cremate her when she died"

This touched the family of Sai Adhithya and they accepts him as his son, because even though Sai Adhithya has died, he still lives in the form of Aravinth Krishna. Later on, he kills Rajiv Reddy for betraying him. Naidu also reaches the place.

Anjali, who had learned all the truth and including the death of Sai Adhithya, tells to Aravinth that, she is indeed happy to see Sai Adhithya living in the form of a face donor and proposes her love to Aravinth, which he accepts, since he wanted to see everyone happy in the family.

Some times later on, Naidu also arrives to the place in order to finish off Aravinth. However, he finishes off the crime networks of Naidu and later on, meets him in his house, where he questions to see his gangster units by turning backside.

No one is there with him and indeed, Aravinth asks him to leave mafia and instead asks him to have a good and peaceful life so that, he may have a peaceful death, when he to took the gun to kill him. However, Naidu doesn't like to live a life, that had been given by his enemy and instead takes the gun and shoots himself telling that, he will take a good birth after getting punishments in the hell.

After this, Hari Krishna asks Aravinth to rejoin in the Police department but, he refuses because, the so far told Aravinth has already died in the fire accident and the present guy is Sai Adhithya, and he is deserved to spend his rest of life with his donor's family. Hari Krishna lets him to move on, telling that, "Though police officers like Aravinth is needed, he is letting him to go on, so that he will have a good life"

Aravinth is taken by Murali Krishna to his house, where Anjali is waiting for him. They gets married and everyone lives happily in the house.

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