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saravanan Periannan

Action Crime Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Action Crime Thriller

Police chapter 2

Police chapter 2

2 mins 113 2 mins 113

Read Police Chapter 1 before reading Chapter 2.

A fictional Story series

Kanagavel and the other police officers send the information about current situation.

The Police in that area is alerted and Kanagavel reaches the area around YMCA.

A man carrying suitcase comes near Kanagavel and gives him a card and presses Kanagavel's hand.

The card has the number of a vehicle and Kanagavel sees the traffic signal image in it and runs to the traffic signal near a theatre.

He quickly looks at the vehicle number and sees a car waiting at signal and he rushes to that car.

He enters the car and sees the Mukhbir in drowsiness.

Then he turns and gets hit by a man.

The man murmurs smart Kanagavel and turns on a radio signal producing device and says "Radio interference".

The Control room officers convey in walkie-talkie,sir unable to catch up with GPS of PC-279.

Police officers try to figure out a way to save Kanagavel and the Mukhbir .

The men in Vehicle push Mukhbir out near a hotel and speeds up.

The people in hotel rush out and one contacts police and another contacts ambulance.

Police reaches the spot and see the hospital workers carrying Mukhbir in a stretcher.

Kanagavel in a drowsy state is pushed inside the room which is in 2nd floor.

Kanagavel gets conscious and feels the less tightned rope knot in his hand.

He frees his hand from the less tightned rope knot and looks at a window punch lying on the opposite table.

He takes a long rope and checks its strength and ties it around a iron window.

Kanagavel waits for his breathy yo get normal.

He uses the window punch and breaks the glass window and a thud sound follows.

Kanagavel uses the rope and gets to the ground and runs without turning back.

A man wearing brass knuckles punches Shan showing him the Footages shot using cctv cameras hidden in the room Kanagavel was held.

Shan smiles thinking of the safe escape of Kanagavel.

To be continued as Police Chapter 3

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