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Madhuja Chaudhuri

Abstract Tragedy Crime


Madhuja Chaudhuri

Abstract Tragedy Crime

Open Letter To Sushant

Open Letter To Sushant

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Dear 'On-screen-Mahi',

Once again it is proved that we do not mean whatever we say, and our actions might not emerge from the depth of our souls!

Be it your dialogue against suicide in the film 'CHICHHORE' audio excellent role play as a forbearing character in 'MSD-THE UNTOLD STORY', you perhaps never believed what you tried to portray!!

It grieves me as I see those 10.2 million followers, who are concerned enough to flood your photos with comments and follow your account on Instagram NOW when you are finally gone!

I feel you Sushant! I can practically visualize your last few moments on earth. I know 'kamyabi' or success or fame isn't enough to live! You might have had billions and trillions of fans, nationally and internationally, but I am afraid, most of them have been mere virtual chatheads, leaving you alone, with your soul as you finally locked yourself before leaving.

I hope, from now on, people, especially guardians won't 'disregard' depression as just a mere phase of low in life!

You have changed me Sushant. Your movies changed my character as a whole they taught me to live till even 10 days ago when I saw your last film! 

No! No! I will never ask why you hang yourself. Being a student of medicine, I know how dangerous clinical depression can be, and how it affects once health until you treat it with drugs!

Nevertheless, I picturise you, putting that rope around your neck, that helped you escape, with a smile in the corner of your lips due to the immense hope of meeting your mother, whom you lost at a very early age!

I hope you have spread your wings right now! I hope you are feeling lighter and relaxed ...far far away from the limelight, from pestering media, and social pressures of acting, walking, dressing, eating, behaving, and speaking like a celebrity and not a simple human being from a core of his heart!

May your soul savor the heavenly winds, soar higher, until you meet your mum up there in heaven and tell her how accomplished you have been in life!

I'll remember you forever in my prayers. Stay safe. You are lucky, you have escaped the earthly pressures! 

Rest in peace dear Sushant!

Meanwhile, over here the show shall go on, without a brilliant actor, and let's wait for 2020 to unfurl its next surprise!

With best wishes,

Your bong sister.

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