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Gaukhar Izmukhanova



Gaukhar Izmukhanova


Noel and the Moon Queen or How

Noel and the Moon Queen or How

6 mins 76 6 mins 76

Once upon a time, when people did not yet know that the Earth was round, there was a boy.

The boy had a father and mother, two older brothers and two younger sisters. They all lived in a very big town, but an incredibly small house. The boy's name was Noel, he was about 7 years old. The narrator does not remember the names of the other heroes of this story, because it was a very, very long time ago.

Noel's dad left for work very early every morning and returned very late at night when Noel was already sleeping. Noel's mom was always at home and looked after Noel and his brothers and sisters. Noel was a very unusual boy. He was not particularly interested in games, he did not always understand his peers and he was not always understood neither. Noel could spend hours in the courtyard of his house and look at the sky. Especially, he liked to look at the stars. Every night, he looked out the window and always greeted all the little stars that he saw from the window. It always seemed to him that they too have been greeting him and were very happy to see him.

Once, when Noel looked out the window, he saw something very bright flying right at him. Some invisible force pulled or lifted Noel and Noel flew out through the open window. Noel was frightened, he wanted to wake up his parents and brothers, but suddenly he felt that no matter how much he screamed, no one heard him, and he soared above the ground. Suddenly, next to Noel, there was a very tiny creature of a violet-blue color.

For a while, the creature was silent and simply flew alongside Noel. The boy looked back and saw that he had already flown very far from home, and soon he would completely cease to see him. At this moment, something strange happened in Noel’s head, he suddenly realized that he wasn’t afraid at all. Then Noel decided to speak with this violet-blue creature unlike anything that Noel had seen before. “Hello sir or madam,” Noel began. He did not know if he was facing a boy or a girl, adults or a little one, so just in case he decided to be polite. The violet-blue creature continued to fly silently nearby. “Sir or Madame,” Noel repeated. “Where are we going? How am I flying? Why am I flying?” Noel asked. The violet-blue creature turned its tiny head to Noel and said: “We are flying to the Moon Queen. You fly with my power. You fly because you wanted it.” And then he continued to fly in silence. Noel was surprised, he did not know any Moon Queen, and he certainly did not want to fly at night with a strange violet-blue creature.

He decided to tell this strange creature that he was probably mistaken and took the wrong boy with him. But at that moment, a golden pink streak appeared in front of them, and they flew right along it. Noel wanted to look back, but there was only a golden pink light around. Suddenly he stopped and realized that he was standing on his two legs. Noel looked around and saw that the golden-pink color had begun to dissipate and in front of him was a little white girl with sky-blue eyes and golden hair.

The girl looked directly at him and smiled. Noel felt a light and pleasure from this smile. If not this strange circumstance in which he found himself, Noel would have thought that the girl was same age as he is. But, the boy quickly guessed that perhaps this girl is the Moon Queen. The girl, as if reading his thoughts, said: “Noel, I have been waiting for you for so long. Why haven’t you come to me for so long?” Noel did not understand why the girl was waiting for him, and only wanted to ask her how she said: “Didn’t you look out the window every night, didn’t you want to see me? Aren't you happy about my appearance? Didn't you wish me good night?” Noel did not know what to say.

He really looked out the window every night, but he never saw this girl. The girl's face was a little darkened. It seemed a little bit and the girl would cry. He wanted to comfort her and said: "Just do not cry Madame the Moon Queen." The girl looked at him in surprise and burst in laughter. Noel calmed down, but was a little offended, why the girl laughs at him? The girl said: “Thank you, Noel, you always make me happy. I watch you every night. I know your every thought. I know your every dream. I know all your fears and hopes. Because you yourself told me them every night.”

Suddenly, before Noel's eyes had flashed every thought which he had, every word which he said. He saw himself looking out the window, he saw him lying on the ground and looking at the blue sky. Noel saw his every day. Suddenly, Noel saw the day when his father came very late at night and Noel had not yet slept and had seen everything. Noel’s father was very quiet and sad. Noel saw his father for the first time in his life so sad and tired, and he felt very sorry for him. He wanted to run and hug him, but decided not to. Remembering this, Noel now regretted that he did not hug his father. It is not known whether Noel will now be able to return to home. Also, Noel recalled that it was on that day that he lay all night looking at the night sky. Noel had a lot of thoughts in his head then. I wonder which one led him to the Moon Queen? Noel did not know the answer to this question either.

Noel gain all the courage he had and said: "Moon Queen, I want to return to my home." The girl looked at him and answered: "Well, but first you will tell me why you want to return back." Noel thought and answered: “I have to go home because I want to hug dad, mom, my brothers and sisters. I want to hug them every day. I want to be a good son and brother. I want to be smart and healthy in order to become a good adult and help my family.” The girl said: “This is what you could have done before that. I want to hear why you really want to go home. Wouldn't you rather live here? Every day you loved to look at the sky, and now you yourself are among the stars. Why do you want to go back?”

Noel did not know what to answer. He began to fear that the Moon Queen would not let him go. He could only say: "Because I want this." Then, suddenly, Noel began to fall. It seemed that he was falling infinity. Suddenly Noel heard a roar. It was his little sister who fell out of bed. Noel looked around and realized that he was in his bed. He got up and ran to hug his family. And so everyone in the house woke up. On the night of this day, Noel found a letter from the Moon Queen under his pillow. It had only one sentence: "Do not afraid to dream." After Noel read this letter, the letter disappeared in the air. Starting this day, Noel realized that all dreams, even the most incredible ones, would come true. But you have to dream carefully, or otherwise, you will find yourself in front of the Moon Queen.

The end.

Good night. 

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