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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon


Mythili, ShivRoop, and Rkishi

Mythili, ShivRoop, and Rkishi

5 mins

The Ancient one was meditating inside

The cave, when he heard the shuffling

Of feet outside. He came out and saw it was the rescued jungle cats, the white female cat Goria, and, the black male cat, Sawara.On seeing the monk they bowed, What is it, do you bring any news, Yes they both said nodding their heads. The monk Sat in front of them, tell me, What you saw. It was Goria who started.

We saw Rkishi the Demon, He was on a rampage eating the crops of the villagers,'

and drinking all their water resources. Then Sawara said, I saw him, it was a fearful sight, he was sleeping, all the villagers are leaving their village in fear of this demon. They have to be saved from him. The monk nodded, you can go. The cats'left the monk and went on their way.

The ancient one went inside his cave, then he took out a book and started reading. He knew this was the demon known as Rikishi, who could be only killed by the earth. One of the five elements, he had already used water, and fire to destroy Marakh and KatoKal , now it was the turn of the earth.

To destroy this demon.The method of destruction of Rkishi,was Shiv Roop after challenging the demon had to make sure that the fight took place in water.In the water, the demon's prowess would diminish.But he could overcome Shiv Roop easily with his strength.so it was imperative that he kept on fighting in the water, till, The Queen standing with the pitcher of earth, at the Demon's back, should immerse the pitcher in the water, and, with this combination of earth and water, the pitcher being earth, throw it with great force

so as to hit the Demon on his back. On impact, the wet pitcher will break and the Demon's strength will start waning, he will be destroyed. For this to happen Shiv Roop had to challenge the Demon when he went into the lake to drink water. So he would be trapped in the water. He came out of the cave, and, looking skywards clapped. After some time an eagle came swooping down and perched on a stone. The ancient one walked towards the eagle, and tied a message on the eagle's neck and said to go to Mithili, ask Tanaka.ShivRoop, and the Queen to meet me immediately. The Eagle took to the skies. The Ancient one went inside the cave and waited for their arrival. The Queen saw the eagle circling the Royal Hall, Tanaka got up and put out his hand. The eagle came down to Tanaka and sat on his hand.

Tanaka took out the message from the eagle's neck. As everyone in the durbar watched in awe after Tanaka removed the message the eagle flew away. Tanaka read the message and walked up to the Queen and said, a message has been sent from the ancient one. The Queen dismissed the

Sabha. Then Tanaka and Shiv Roop accompanied the Queen and entered into her private chamber. Tanaka told the Queen the time to move on has come the ancient one has called us. The Queen said if we start now we can reach his ashram by afternoon. The horses' were ready, all the three mounted and started their journey. They reached the ashram in three hours. The monk was waiting. Seated in front of him they heard him out, his plan of trapping the demon in the water. They took the pitcher from the monk. The monk said tomorrow morning, the demon wakes up to drink water from the lake. Challenge him in the water, see he does not come out of the water. His strength diminishes in the water. He told the queen you have to go and stand behind him. You have to be patient, for during the fight he will keep on going underwater to regain his energy.

Or else he would go round and round but never show his back. There is one more thing you should do. On your way, you will liberate the Raven from the well of death. He will be helpful in distracting the demon's attention at the crucial time by cawing.

They started towards the well of death. It was evening by the time they reached the well of death. They liberated the Raven who flew away into the darkness. The next morning they reached the village. The village was deserted. Then they saw the demon in the water. His frightening appearance did not deter ShivRoop or The Queen. Shiv Roop entered into the water challenging Rikishi. The demon charged forward, raising his hands and swiping at Shiv Roop. He ducked under the arms of the demon and struck him with his sword under his arms. Meanwhile, the Queen entered the water and stood facing the demon's back. She immersed the pitcher in the water and was ready. The Demon suddenly went down in the water.

Shiv Roop waited then he also went down. They started fighting underwater the demon using his hands' and ShivRoop using his sword. The demon came out and standing in the water went round and round confusing ShivRoop and the Queen. At that moment the demon was distracted by the cawing of the Raven. He stood still for some time showing his back to the Queen and stared at the screaming bird. The Queen took her chance and with all her strength threw the wet pitcher at the demon's broad back. The impact broke the pitcher, on being hit, the Demon slowly turned in her direction and started melting.They both the Queen, ShivRoop,looked

Skywards and thanked the raven.

ShivRoop joined the Queen and together they stared in disbelief as his form merged with the water and disappeared. Then Tanaka, The Queen, and ShivRoop took rest for some time before their journey back. The Raven called other Ravens and started cawing loudly attracting the villagers who had left their village they followed the Ravens'to their village. They were surprised to find their Queen. They all bowed. The Demon has been killed she said, You can all come back

to your home's. Then they left the village stopping at the ancient one's ashram. He met them. He told them you have used water, Fire, and now earth to destroy evil. There is still Air and Ether. In the future, Whenever evil strikes I will call you. And you will destroy that evil with the help of these two remaining elements. All the three solemnly swore that when the time came they would be ready.

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