My Story Friend

My Story Friend

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In my childhood, I had school friends and building friends. Now a days, teens have Facebook friends, whatsapp friends, twitter friends and Instagram friends.

No one can now stay away from the social media and these techno names, and so even I became a victim of one of these when my husband got a smart phone for me and installed whatsapp on it. It was a terrible experience. Neither could I operate the touch-screen and nor did whatsapp attract me. Slowly I learnt both to be a part of this mechanical world.

One becomes a part of many whatsapp groups even before you decide whether you like it or not. Similarly even I became a part of many. 80% of whom I still do not know!

The most important group and the source of update for working moms like me was the whatsapp mom’s group to exchange school homework, projects, completing notes, teachers’ instructions and so on. All moms asked for notes and school related updates and some or the other mom helped and gave the updates. In this way, all moms helped each other but none of them knew each other personally. Some of them introduced themselves with kids’ names and their own names but not all did so.

Once a mom on the group shared a link to a short story and said that she had written it herself. I love to read short stories but due to the bad routine, I read it only after 2 days and I found it amazing. I replied back on the group commenting that the story was awesome and written very well. I also asked her to share more of such stories. She did so and all moms commented and liked to read her stories. 

Sometimes she wrote stories in 2 – 3 parts and we all waited to read next. It was wonderful as I got to read something I like very handy without searching 100 books and links on google. So, I was very happy. She was very friendly. I asked her to keep sharing stories and she did so without any apprehensions. She was very humble in replying to all the comments that we posted for her stories.

I had saved her name as Dr. Kavya (Ishav’s mom). I wondered that if she is doctor and writing so well, that’s truly a blessing. I pinged her on personal chat. After exchanging few hi and hellos, I asked her frankly that if she is writing so well, how come she became a doctor. Did she become a writer only now? She said she was always profound of writing but she became doctor to have a profession which could help her earn money. I was shocked at her reply but she said that she continues writing as it’s her passion and earns by being a doctor as writers have no good future in our country. I thought within that things have changed now but I eventually agreed to her as at the time when we were making a career or choosing jobs, writing was not a career which was paid and respected very well.

From then on, we became whatsapp chat friends. Once in a while we exchange hi and a hello. I did ask to send me her collection of short stories. She sent me her Facebook link of stories in a minute. Finally I told her that I am not on Facebook. So she did sent me a link on whatsapp.

That’s how now I know a person who is my story friend. Though we do not chat everyday, neither are we best friends to share everything, nor have we met or have near plans to meet; but I feel good when I chat with her. Feel a friendly touch in this digital world!

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