Cocky's Crown

Cocky's Crown

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Many years ago, in the jungle of Tadoba, there lived a cockerel. His name was Cocky. He lived with his father Robert rooster and Hiya hen. Cocky was very kind and helpful. He played with his friends, helped his mom and dad for the daily chores and never troubled anyone.

He was a happy –go- lucky cockerel but he has 1 regret for which he was very sad. He didn’t have the crown on his head whereas his father had a nice big red crown!

He always asked his father that how did he get his crown which makes him look like a king. His father always replied that, “Do good work, help others and be humble!” Cocky didn’t quite understand what that exactly meant.

One day when Cocky was playing with his friends and saw that one of the pullets was crying. She was Pingy. When Cocky asked her, Pingy told her that she got hurt on her leg and can’t walk. Cocky lifted her and took her on her back and walked till her house. Ping’s mamma was very thankful to Cocky.

Next time, all the hens and cockerels were playing in the open space and having great fun. Cocky was also enjoying with his friends and having a great time. All were fully engrossed in the games and had no clue as to what’s happening around. Suddenly Cocky saw an eagle in the sky gushing in great speed towards them and was gonna pick one of them and make his food for the day. Cocky shouted and alerted everyone and all ran in a safe place. Thus Cocky saved lives of his friends!

Next day morning, when Cocky woke up, his mother looked at him with big eyes and mouth wide open. When Cocky asked her what happened, she hugged her little angel and that’s when Cocky realized that something on his head touched her and she looked at it again and again. Soon Cocky ran near the pond and he was flabbergasted at what he saw in the reflection. Yes, he saw a small red shiny crown on his head and it made him felt so special!

He waited for his father and when he returned home, he proudly showed his the crown. His father blessed him and said just because you always helped others, God has bestowed you with this crown and advised him to keeping doing good work.

Now, Cocky understood the meaning of his father’s earlier words, “Do good work, help others and be humble!” 

This is how Cockerels got their crowns. So, let’s do good work and be humble, God will surely bless us and those blessings will be our crowns!

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