Beatsy And Kakka

Beatsy And Kakka

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Once there was a crow in the jungle. His name was kakka. He stayed on a big tree. There was a pond near the tree. He always came to drink water from the pond. There were small plants and shrubs near the pond. A butterfly named Beatsy always came there as there were small flowers around. Beatsy was black with white stripes and dots. Beatsy though black and white was very beautiful.

Kakka always saw Beatsy when he came to drink water and Kakka always teased Beatsy that the white dots on Beatsy were ugly and he teased her. Beatsy always became sad but never fought with Kakka.

Once she had a fairy in her dreams and the fairy asked her for a wish. Beatsy didn't ask for a wish for herself but she requested the fairy that all her friends i.e. all the butterflies in the world be colourful and beautiful so that no Kakka in the world can make fun of any Beatsy.

Beatsy's request was heard. She remained as is with her white stripes and dots on black skin but she made all the butterflies in the world beautiful.

That's how we see butterflies today are so very beautiful and colourful!

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