Raghu And Chinti

Raghu And Chinti

2 mins

Once upon a time, there was a parrot named Raghu. He sat on a tree near the river and enjoyed the nice view as he used to see all the animals coming to the river to drink water. He used to talk to everyone as he was a chatterbox.

One day it was raining heavily. With his naked eye, he saw an ant who was struggling on the bank of the river. As it was slippery, she was carried away in the water of the river but she was not giving up. Raghu threw few leaves but all flew away in different directions in the windy rain.

Raghu sat on the lowest branch and threw a few more leaves. Finally, the ant caught hold of a leaf, held it tight and eventually managed to sit on the leaf. She enjoyed the safe boat ride on it. She was thankful to Raghu and they became friends. Her name was Chinti.

Though Chinti was really chinti (small), Raghu managed to find her from the shrubs, plants and the mud near the river bank and they had good a chat almost every day. Chinti would always say that she would be happy if she could be of any help to him. Raghu always nodded and thanked with a smile but he thought that she is too small to help him.

Once it was a sunny afternoon and the forest was silent. A hunter was standing at a distance from the river hiding behind the tree as he was sure that animals would come for water and he can aim them.

Chinti was relaxing under the same tree. She suddenly saw that as they were no animals near the river, the hunter was targeting Raghu who was resting on the tree. Chinti started shouting and calling Raghu but was in vain as her voice was too low. Finally, she called her friends and all of them together went in the huge boots of the hunter at great speed and started bitting the hunter. The hunter started dancing and lost his aim and there was a huge noise of the gunshot in the air. Raghu at once hurried out of fear and flew away.

In the evening, Chinti came near the river and Raghu narrated her the entire incident. She did the same and pointed towards her friends. Raghu was very happy. He flew down near the river bank and shook hands with each ant and thank them all and thanked Chinti for saving his life!

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