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Raghav lived in a small village in a poor family. He has 2 younger brothers whom he loves more than his life. Due to the financial circumstances, he helped his parents in whatever work possible to earn some money for the family.

Raghav loved to study but his parents had no adequate money for his education. Raghav was working in a house of a rich money lender in the village. Luckily the money lender's son was of Raghav's age. Raghav borrowed his old books and studied as and when he got time.

He somehow also managed to take the admission in the village school and ask for permission to only give exam without attending school. He could not afford to go to school for 5-6 hours as it would have hampered his income which was already less.

Once during monsoon, it rained so heavily that all his books and other things in the house were drenched as the house roof was weak and all the water poured in the house.

Raghav's exams were just a week away and he was yet to study a lot of chapters of different subjects. His exam preparations were yet inadequate and he had neither books, not money to buy the books.

He somehow did not give up and decided to attempt his exams. He used his logic and also answered whatever he could remember. He was sad and tensed as he was doubtful about clearing his exams.

To his surprise, he passed in his exams. When the rich money lender came to know about this, he offered to sponsor Raghav's education. Everyone in the village and Raghav's parents were surprised at the money lender was extremely miser and never offered any help to anyone in the village.

But, the money lender respected Raghav's efforts and his thirst for knowledge due to which he announced his decision to ensure that Raghav could study!

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