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Memorable Days,College Days.

Memorable Days,College Days.

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This is it. In the most literal sense, our student life has come to an end. Yes, I know we never cease to learn, but the ride of college is over.

We will never visit the classrooms again. (though most of them never came to college except during exams). And most of us will never be a part of Youth fest again.

We will never even receive a random message from our professor again that would read " Tomorrow we will have an extra class". We will never win a trophy for the college again. We will never spend hours again in the canteen with the same fools. We will never have to climb again 3 floors to reach the classrooms again.

Some of us had memories written on the walls, some with the peons, the watchman.

I have learnt a lot from my College.

But now I ponder if I could have done more, achieved more.

I recently participated in my last inter- college youth festival. Here I was with my friend Reshma on the stage of the auditorium, facing the audience of over a hundred, and a fancy spotlight on our face. We couldn't but wonder, could we have been on that stage for one more time?

But my question is, during these 3 years, 

Could we click some more photographs as a memory? 

Could we have been more mischievous? 

Could we make one more friend? 

Could we make one more memory? 

These "could have's " are heart rending. The truth is, I don't really know. 

But I know this maybe 

I know that I will be seeing many faces for the last time in my life. 

I know that after exams get over all the WhatsApp groups will breathe their last. 

I know that in the canteen even when all the fancy food choices would be available, we would all go at the Rasanand panipuri center instead. (because that is going to be constant)

Nevertheless ,college days were such which are never to be forgotten .We all landed up making memories in the last year .

And we will like to thank all our teachers for making moment memorable for us.

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