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Meditation and Inspiration

Meditation and Inspiration

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 Loved the subject for this contest! So thought of writing after a long time! 

The lockdown period due to worldwide outspread of coronavirus has brought an immense positivity in me. I can always devote more time to my morning meditation as there is no hassle of maids roaming around to clean my very own spaces, no rush to reach somewhere in time, no chance of anyone coming to my house. I love the serenity around which ultimately leads to an 'addictive meditation'. Yes, I'm purposely using this term because true meditation can be as addictive as a dose of brown sugar. 

Moreover, meditation can be so encouraging and inspirational that it will start bringing out the #NEWYOU from within you. I gradually started realising that I am changing for better. There's an inner force which is continuously guiding and helping me mentally. I'm able to overcome all my inhibitions, fears and egos.There is a sudden feeling that I love life and this world unconditionally and as never before.

I'm not the same old Aparna who used to try to make others happy at any cost. She would go to any extent to see a smile on people's faces. She was simplicity personified right from her childhood. 

' Mother doesn't like me wearing this dress, so even if I like the dress I won't wear it'. 

'Papa will scold me for going to a friend's house so even if it will be her birthday I would make some excuse' . 

'Uncle doesn't want me to stand in the balcony so I wouldn't do that although I enjoyed watching the passerbys.'

And after getting married total devotion to a husband who is simple in the eyes of the world but extremely complicated whenever he desires so. Aparna would go to any extent to fulfill all that he wanted. 

On becoming a mother, Puchu became her priority. There was nothing that she could think beyond him. Shaping him up to what he's now with utmost care and devotion just to see that he gets all the happiness of the world was never an easy task. Then Chiku's upbringing 10 years later was no less tough. Of course, it's all a part of mother's love care, duty, and devotion so I wouldn't like to mention much here. 

All these responsibilities along with the job of a teacher in a private school had almost killed her. All she could think was to finish one job after another, counting how many people were satisfied with her work by the end of the day. This includied her parents , husband,  children, relatives and also her maids. She could never realise that in this process she had forgotten her own happiness. Be it little joys of reading a nice story or even writing one, composing poetries or just watching nature. Learning music or seing a nice movie, listening to a peppy song or humming a melancholy ...everything was forgotten . There were more traits of anxiety and fear of the unknown future, grumble against parents, relatives and children in her personality. 

But now I'm new Aparna. Addictive meditation has diminished my fear and turned my negative feelings into positive ones. I can feel the joy and high energy when I talk to my grand daughters Aashvi and Nishka.

 'So what if my children don't give me a ring always, there's nothing wrong if I give them a ring as they might be occupied in something else ' is my new way of thinking. 

'It hardly matters if my husband isn't talking to me without any rhyme or reason, I will reach out first' is my new approach. 

'I know my sisters disagree with me on some issues, I will not force my decision on them ' is my new strategy. 

But I won't take any injustice done to me is my new philosophy and new prayer. 

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