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Anand Kumar

Romance Drama


Anand Kumar

Romance Drama

Maya's Love

Maya's Love

12 mins 535 12 mins 535

Part 1 - How it started

After being ditched by the one whom she loved truly and again due to her family's financial condition, by someone who had claimed to love her the most and promised to take care. She was broken. Though she still believed in true love and often used to dream about her prince charming, she had decided not to be in any relationship again.

At such a time Raj saw her during the annual function of their college; she had performed a contemporary dance there, and he fell in love at first sight. He inquired about her and the very next day approached to propose. He explained how he saw her the previous evening and couldn't think of anything but her then onwards. Raj was her senior in college, graduated two years back, so she couldn't be rude to him, she left without speaking a word. They didn't meet again till Raj managed to get her contact number and texted, asking to meet at least once. She denied. But Raj went to college every day and she couldn't avoid him there. When he explained how he had tried not to think of her but failed; she said "These tricks won't work on me, I don't want to be in any relationship. You are just wasting your time."

Raj tried to convince her with his many arguments, promises, and requests, but all in vain. About thirty minutes later when he still didn't give up she told him the reason for her rudeness and that she does not believe in any man anymore. Hearing this Raj said, “I don't know anything about that boy but I'm not here only to make you my girlfriend I want to marry you, and will do so whenever you say.” ‘Let it be any situation I’ll be there for you always.’ He further assured.

She didn't have anything to say on this. But while speaking about the bitter experiences of the past, she got overwhelmed and when she realized she wouldn’t be able to help herself from crying, she firmly said "I'm going" and left literally dragging away her friend who had stood beside her all this time. Raj stood there watching her leave in a hope that she might turn for at least once, but she didn’t.

Part 2 – He won her:

After this Raj used to text her almost regularly but she never replied, because this was dragging her into the same condition that she had managed to escape with difficulty. Maya stopped going to college. She used to think of Raj sometimes but soon started reliving the past in her mind and drowned into depression, which eventually caused her to fall sick. She was taken to a local doctor but after a week of treatment, the symptoms only got worse. She had to be hospitalized. She was diagnosed with typhoid. They said she had been having the wrong treatment all these days which turned the situation critical. The treatment the doctors suggested there was expensive; too much for her parents to arrange in an instant, they, however, asked the doctors to start the treatment immediately. They managed to request for some time to arrange for the money.

With the medical advancement today, typhoid is in all way curable disease with simplest of treatment; but Maya’s being in depression and her disinterest towards life made it severe. On the other side when Raj heard about this, without giving a second thought he came back from Mumbai that very day. He went to the hospital to see her. She was weak and pale, lying on the bed. Raj's eyes got wet. He when got to know of the expenses of the treatment, he offered to bear it all. But Maya denied taking any help from him. He said "Don't worry I'm not doing this to get anything in return but I’m doing this for me. I cannot see you like this. Also, I'll not disturb you ever, again! You just get well soon." Maya could see the tears in his eyes.

Even though she had rejected taking any money from Raj, he paid all the hospital bills and made sure that she got the best of the treatment and recovered soon. He got leave from office and stayed with Maya until she was discharged. Twelve days - and sticking to his words he never again tried to contact or meet her but two months later, Maya herself called him.

Part 3 - The test time:

"My parents don't have any son; I wasn’t one. I want to support them and until I'm not able to do something for them I won't marry," said Maya.

 Raj understood that he has got his girl and was the happiest person in the world at that moment but controlling his emotions he politely replied “Sure. You should do that. I promise I'll be there standing with you always.” Raj assured further. 

Next year Maya completed her graduation and managed to get into a reputed IT company. Meanwhile besides his job Raj started a business in partnership with one of his friends; he had a good business mind and started profits in very less time.

     Every night Raj and Maya talked over the phone and together dreamt of their beautiful future, eventually falling asleep. He used to call to wake her up every morning. That day her mother woke her up saying “aren’t you going to office today? What happened? Are you fine?” She searched for her phone and checked the time. It was 9. She woke up and sat in a flash. It was not because she will get late to the office but there was no missed call even. She got worried; it was the first time Raj didn’t call.

“I’m finished. He flew away with all our money” said Raj. He sounded scattered.

“Who? Which money? What are you saying?” She enquired.

“Mani. He withdrew all the money from our business account.”

“All the money! And where did he go?”

“I don’t know. His phone is off. I tried his wife’s phone; her number is also off.”

“Today is a bank holiday. I don’t know what to do. I’m just finished.” He said.

She was shocked too. It was a big blow; Raj had taken a huge loan for the business, and it was just the time they had started making a profit. However, she consoled him and asked to go to the police. That day she too skipped her office.

“Forget me. Move ahead. I’m finished; I’ll not be able to take care of you. You deserve better.” He used to say.

And every time she scolded him saying “Yes, I’ll leave you as if I loved your money. Your friend ditched you and now I’ll also go away. You leave your life.”

“Listen carefully; I know you don’t love me, but I do. And I’m not going to leave you in this life. And won’t let you go too.”

After a pause, she again said “And don’t say this again otherwise I promise I’ll seriously leave you. I’ll never talk to you.” This innocent anger of her made Raj smile even in the most stressed situations.

Part 4 - Maya came out stronger

They reported to the police, contacted the bank; went to Mani’s office to look for him. More than two years passed, they had exploited all the means to find Mani and his wife but there was no trace of them. Raj had to drop his business. However, with Maya’s support both emotionally and financially, he emerged out of the situation; he fully devoted himself to his job.

On the other side, Maya constructed a house for her parents at the place where the old one stood, with the aid of a home loan. She also decorated the house with the best of the furniture that she could; bought on EMI again. She made sure that her younger sister didn’t miss any opportunity or lag to anyone because of money and even helped Raj with paying off the business loan whenever needed. But things were not that easy to her too. Maya had to face many resistances, comments, baseless objections and harassment from the neighbours and panchayat who couldn’t digest a girl gaining all this at her own.

Her neighbours used to taunt her parents for constructing a house of their daughter’s money and at times for constructing the house with loan money. Filled with jealousy they were ready to fight or quarrel like kids; Once a lady from neighbourhood even made an issue for the placement of water tank at the roof saying “You should not keep the water tank there. What if it falls on my head, I will surely die. You know this; therefore, you are keeping it there to kill me. Remove it and keep it in a room or I’ll call the police.” 

Maya seeks the help of Panchayat, but they proved to be on the same page as the neighbours; they said “She is correct. You never know, anything can happen. You must move the tank!” Further, they threatened “Learn to adjust. If we get any complain again, we will have to stop the construction.” Maya was full of anger and distress but her father calmed her; He sought help from one of their relative having some political background, but even he didn’t support them like most of the others, “why do you argue with them, there is no point in fighting; just do as they want. Learn to adjust and live in peace. You are constructing your house; why would they suffer for you.”

Maya was distressed but determined to get rid of these foolish people teaching them all lessons about life. Her father tried to stop her, but she went to DM’s office and narrated everything including the panchayat’s irresponsive and biased behaviour. Raj was also there with her. She was firm in voice; her eyes demonstrate the determination to get a solution at any cost. And may because of the way she conveyed things or by Gods’ grace she was lucky enough to get help from DM personally. This action of her brought everyone inline, people from panchayat came to visit her and said “There was no need to go to DM, why are we here! You should have told us the problem; you are our own child. Wouldn’t we help you? Build your house as you want to. No one will say a word. If anyone says anything, tell us, we will see him.” And the neighbours stood there listening to everything.

Maya didn’t speak a word except the ‘Thank You’.

Part 5 - Mani was caught

Raj got two promotions in less than a year. He started paying off the loan all on his own, about 1/3rd of it remained. He got transferred to Pune recently during his 2nd promotion; there he had bought a 2BHK apartment. Every month or two Maya did visit him in Pune while he flew to Hyderabad frequently.

It was when last time Raj came to Hyderabad, they were coming back from a movie theatre when Raj suddenly saw a lady come out of an apartment in her cab and went past them. He felt it was Priya, Mani’s wife. It was night and quite dark too, properly, he couldn’t be sure. He thought it’s just an illusion and ignored it. But after he went back to Pune, Maya decided to confirm this she started keeping an eye at the apartment and nearby places with the help of her friends. And after a week they were able to track her down.

“It’s her! You saw her that night.” Maya informed Raj.

Who? asked Raj.

“Priya. We were keeping an eye on the apartment and we saw her twice this week. I’m sure it is her.” 

“What! You were following her? And you are telling me now! Why?” He was surprised; he couldn’t think Maya could do something like this.

“She is working in a consultancy firm here. We tracked her office too. But she lives there alone. Mani is not there with her.”

Raj came to Hyderabad; they informed everything to local police. And with the help of Priya police traced Mani down soon. He had ditched her too. Though Mani was put behind bars, police couldn’t recover any money from him. But Raj, Maya, Priya everyone was happy; though Priya felt a little sad, she knew Mani deserved this.

Part - 6 Happy Ending

Months had passed; everything was going fine; though Priya didn’t greet Maya well on their first meet they now have become good friends. Once she invited them to one of her cousin’s marriage. Where they met her family and were surprised that everyone there knew them already. Priya’s mother said “I’ve heard about you from Priya. She praises you both a lot. Maya Especially!” It was when she further asked “For how long have you been in a relationship? When are you people going to marry?” that they realized it had been 5 years. After a pause of a few seconds, Raj answered “Next month. We’ll marry next month.”

“Aunty, you too will need to come with Priya.” He further added.

Maya was surprised but didn’t say anything there. Later she asked, “why did you say that we are going to marry next month?”

“Why? You don’t want to marry me?” taunted Raj.

“Hahaha…. Very funny! But how will it happen? Have you talked to your parents? Maya asked.

“And to marry me you need to talk to my parents too. Who knows they might have selected someone else for me?” Maya taunted him back.

“I’ll not let that happen. You don’t worry, we will marry next month. You can start your shopping.” Raj assured.

Maya’s parents always liked Raj, and he managed to coax his parents too. The very next day Raj with his parents arrived at her house. Maya was surprised again, this time her parents too. Her mother asked, “why didn’t you tell us, we should have done some preparations; now what will I serve them?”

Maya with an innocent, surprised and confused expression all together answered, “He didn’t tell me either.”

Both families sat together. Parents discussed; Maya’s father called their family Purohita and narrated the matter asking him to come immediately. They asked him to suggest a date in the following month. He did so.

Today, while Maya is still paying the EMIs for her home loan from her salary, Raj continues to do well at the job and support both families equally; and together they both are prospering and achieving what they dreamt of; On this evening, they are tying the notch.

Let's wish them a great life ahead. Full of love and prosperity and togetherness..

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