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Marigold Flower.

Marigold Flower.

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It was a flower patch this time. Each time it was a different part of the forest. She watched as a drop of her sweat hit the ground.

She had been going about all day, yet she wanted more, explore more. She had climbed trees, had raced against a lone cloud passing by, chased a butterfly, followed a rabbit to its burrow and went after a kingfisher till it flew out of sight. She had even discovered a little stream that sparkled as the sun shone brightly. She had searched every nook and corner for the village her mother tells her about in all her stories. Village with tiny shy people as small as an ant, with pointed hats and shoes. She had wondered what it would be like to stumble upon such a village, what Gulliver would have had felt. To her disappointment, she had only found small foot-prints which she wasn’t sure if they belonged to the tiny shy people she was looking for.

The breeze against her face, with her long wavy tresses cascading down her shoulders, spread her arms wide open while meandering aimlessly in a zig-zag fashion and pretend to be an airplane hoping that a gust of wind would lift her off and carry her to a new galaxy. It was magical.

She now lay beneath the orange sheet of flowers, eyes closed, replaying all the moments all over again. Evening breeze filled the space with the light fragrance wafting up from Marigold flower. She slowly opened her eyes to look at the starry sky, at that moment she wanted to fly away. Her gaze shifted to what looked like dancing tiny flickering bulbs. She remembered her mother telling her about them, how in some places at some times, fireflies can synchronize their flashing.

She finally stood up and took a deep breath trying to soak at the moment one last time, trying to link the memories to the fragrance of the marigold flower.

Her head now turned towards her house on the horizon. She saw the light of her bedside-Lamp coming out through her room’s window. Smoke coming out of the chimney dissolved into the air. She stood still to listen to trees whisper.

She loved where she was right now. She loved the idea of getting lost in the moment, going wherever her fancy would take her. Conscious of everything around her – the trees, birds, insects. Excitement filled her every time she would notice something new. Running gave her a sense of adventure, a sense of liberation. It was like a superpower she had discovered.

 She could feel the wind against her face as she started back, gliding towards home. Her mind was already planning for the next adventure, places she could discover next but now it was time to go home.

“Sweetheart, how many times have I told you to keep that window shut “– her mother had just bought in a glass of milk.

“You know the forest brings in all kinds of insects inside the room. Now look at all those mosquito bites in your legs”- she said and caressed her daughter’s hair.

She sat up on her bed then looked wistfully outside her window in the still forest. She could hear the gardener mowing the lawn

A gentle summer breeze bought in the smell of freshly cut grass.

“Anyways, which flower do you want today by your bed?”-her mother asked

She reached for her wheelchair, the one which she had been using as long as she can remember, all the time looking at the forest which she knew only in her daydreams.

“Mom today I want a marigold flower”- she said.

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